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  1. Will a captain's gender, previous accomplishments, or nationality have an impact on the story in some way?
  2. The 'boat shoes' designs always get me, they even have portholes and a waterline haha
  3. Will the UP rockets be available for UK capital ships, so useless, but so cool. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unrotated_projectile
  4. How long does it take for a belle to have her voice lines recorded, let's use bulldog as an example, 10 hours? 20?
  5. Question that I always forget to ask: will we see belles in the 'story' that we perhaps don't have in the fleet, or will we need both belles?
  6. correct Edit: pardon my spelling, just back from work.
  7. Such a tease haha. Ok then: As a british admiral, will there be penalties for working with say, the Italians? Also: We know that if a captain dies then a Belle feels it, what about sister ships?
  8. Will we be seeing some of the older ships of the RN that participated in ww2, ships like argus and revenge, if not as fleet members than as npc in shops and such?
  9. this may be a dumb one, but what's the significance between spelling it Belles vs Bells?
  10. I asked about them singing some time ago, would love to hear some British sailor songs from the RN belles (or whatever it is the British call their belles)
  11. He's asking how much it cost for you to have the voice actresses work for you, and if the amount paid is different depending on which language they are speaking. Not my question: will we be seeing weapons like the English long bow, poleaxe, halberd, glave, zweihander, mace, longsword. and warscythe in the game? I was gonna add flail but I think I've seen that one somewhere, if hilariously oversized.
  12. Why on earth would the Captain be inspired by me, in a cheerleading outfit? What a ridiculous notion. I wouldn't order you to do it mahan but I can't say I at least wouldn't find it to be funny as all hell. The Big 7 deserves to shine as one of the most powerful set of warships of their time, Nagato for me.
  13. If I was to record random audio and edit it to be a 'morgana captain' where would I post it?
  14. I'd like to see the big 7 battleships actually, especially Rodney, as well as Warspite and the Crown Colony class. Warspite, Bermuda, where are you? </3
  15. I will say it's funny she noted her name as 'on the nose' some of the british ships have some very 'come at me' designations so I guess I never thought about it. D3 by the by.
  16. Haha, I was aware of the mascots, I was just saying I wanted one.
  17. speaking of bulldog, I'd like a mascot on my ship, like unsinkable sam (ok so not that specific one, I like my ships to float) I know that Exeter had a cat from bermuda that stowed away on her, so that's a must have there
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