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  1. z-z;


    Hmmm, I'm not sure I understand what you mean- every Belle does have her own voice?

    He's asking how much it cost for you to have the voice actresses work for you, and if the amount paid is different depending on which language they are speaking.


    Not my question: will we be seeing weapons like the English long bow, poleaxe, halberd, glave, zweihander, mace, longsword. and warscythe in the game?


    I was gonna add flail but I think I've seen that one somewhere, if hilariously oversized.




    Sooooooo know an ETA on Hood and Chibi Bulldog and the other ships?

    speaking of bulldog, I'd like a mascot on my ship, like unsinkable sam (ok so not that specific one, I like my ships to float) I know that Exeter had a cat from bermuda that stowed away on her, so that's a must have there :)

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