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  1. Question, to the captains: Beard or no beard? I'm personally rocking the dreads/beard combo. My father's style I just followed, also I can actually grow my hair now that I'm not in the regiment anymore, if I ever rejoin I'm gonna have to cut it again though. Just want to know how many captains are running the almighty/sexy/manly beard. Not that women can't have beards but I don't see that as much.
  2. I laughed at this, I know I shouldn't have, but I did.
  3. Posted this in the wrong section earlier (whoops) Lots o belles with melee weapons, we gonna get boarded? Will the belles with CQC weapons get a bonus for it? Ohhh, can we capture morgana ships? (if we figure out how to do so without the whole corruption business being a factor)
  4. I noticed that quite a few bells sing in their intros, I wonder if we'll be seeing covers of songs or even original music? That would be interesting.
  5. I'm never going to live this down, and I wasn't even the one who wanted to know. Well may as well embrace it, I like booty too, I shalt take my new designation of 'booty loving captain' with pride. 3 Questions: we know that the morgana have an effect on human crews, do the belles do so as well? And 2: a game isn't a game until you can fail it, we know how many people died while it was just humans fighting WW2, will there be similar consequences for improper commands and tactics here? And three, this one you may not be able to answer and if so I understand, when (if) the morgana are defeated will the bells and nations return to their own national interest, i.e. their own nation's goals of conquest and defence?
  6. wouldn't a warship find it uncomfortable to go to the beach, or more specifically to sink into the water? I don't really have anyone I want here but I vote for D1 cause she looks cool.
  7. I never really thought about which is my favourite ship honestly, It would be either HMS Warspite (got me into warships) or HMS Bermuda (Named after my home). What's yours?
  8. question, what's the smallest class of ship that will be featured?
  9. LOM may be a evil mastermind. Now my next question needs some contest, a friend of mine (it's at this moment I realise no one will believe me) I took the time out to introduce him to the game a few days ago since he's ex navy yeah? So I show him some videos, the kickstarter, and then the tumbler with all the pictures on it. As we're looking through he taps my shoulder and says "how come none of them have nice butts?" I'm confused I ask him what he means, he looks at me and says with a completely strait face "They all have flat butts, all of them sin" he says pointing at an image of nerpa I stopped on. I pinch my nose thinking and respond "I have no idea Johnson." I get the response "ask um" I look at him confused he says "Ask um why none of the belles have nice round butts" And here I am, asking for him and realising that no one will believe me even though it's the truth. Just....let's get this over with, and never speak of this again as a favour to me
  10. Everyone already knows my stance on her I think haha.
  11. I'm not even sure if this is the right section or it should be in the other one but here goes (copy from a facebook post I made some time back): Ok so I was in highshcool, a classmate of mine wanted to go to England and join the royal navy (we're Bermudian in case you didn't recognise the flag) in the end he went to join the navy and I ended up in infantry (lots of people in my family were including my older sister and uncle) I started looking up warships to remember my friend. I got some books from the local library (this is before I had good internet) and one of them was about the battle of Jutland, in the book I came across a ship named 'the grand old lady' a few books later and I found out her name was warspite. This beautiful woman was everywhere, racking up achievements and serving her nation proudly. It was in that moment I knew I wanted to learn and spread knowledge about these ships so I went to college for game design and animation in hopes that one day I can go back to Bermuda and create a studio of my own and create games and documentaries about the royal navy and other navies of the world. What got you into the subject?
  12. Question, I noticed that a few belles have headgear. Hats, swimming caps ect ect ect. Do they ever take them off, or I suppose the real question is: do they have alternate outfits/sprites/bust without the hats? Not that I'm a hat hater or anything.
  13. B2 for the Australian.(maybe) And thank you for giving proper note in the latest interview, it would have been very easy to simply pass over it but you did not, much respect to your team's efforts. That said I don't like her, I never will, a pretty face and some cleavage hasn't changed that. But at the very least you gave due note to her history. Some captains may enjoy her and that's fine, but she won't be stepping foot into my fleet. On another (unrelated) note: we haven't seen much of the morgana lately, would like to know more about the forces we're meant to be fighting.
  14. On the revelation that B2 is perth I'd like to change my vote please and thank you.
  15. That brings up an interesting question on balance and AI targeting, will Battlecruisers specifically aim for light cruisers for example?
  16. I never said they were, but what the crew of the I-8 did to their fellow man went above and beyond evil. And the fact their leader was never caught is just salt in the wound. There were many war crimes committed by navies during and after the second world war and theirs remains one of the worst in history, and considering the acts within ww2 that speaks in of it'self. As an ex riflemen it makes me cringe just thinking about it.
  17. I-8....that submarine has a sick and twisted history, what's even worse is that the bastard that commanded the ship committed suicide, so he never answered for his crimes. I can't say I understand why people are so excited for this particular ship, frankly I'm not looking forward to seeing a personification of it. But to each their own, that's their choice, I'm voting for D1 myself.
  18. I'm surprised how brutal mahan can be when she's ready, her reaction is best summed up by one of her own lines: Is that all? I'm not sure who to pick frankly, well I have an Australian friend so B2
  19. question: what does each nation call there belles? I'm still confused why the germans call theirs Valkyries. Instead of, I don't know, Meer Göttin, Lichtbringer, ect ect ect.
  20. We just punish poor mahan don't we, right after christmas too. B3, if we're being evil let us be consistent about it.
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