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  1. you guys need to give poor mahan a break, let one of her sisters take over for a week or something.
  2. Have a few questions, pardons if a few have already been asked or you can't answer: 1: Have you guys thought of supporting actions that don't directly come from your belles or do but don't directly do damage. Specifically things like star shells, search lights, support fleets from other players of the same nation, land based bombers/fighters and bombardment of land positions to support human troops on the ground? 2: I'm aware that you can not have more than one belle, but on the topic of sister ships, will putting a ship with one of her sisters have some kind of effect? 3:I noticed that one of the names they called the Belles were 'Valkyrie' in one of the trailers, so I ask why Belle when that name and others were cooler, easier to say for more players perhaps? I will personally call them Valkyries though. 4: Will the crown colony class be in the game? For uh...patriotic reasons. 5: Fried chicken or Bacon?
  3. Gonna stick with my guns and go for Kirov, she's actually one of the ships that caught my attention on the first VB vid I ever watched due to her...let's say interesting view of an engagement with the enemy. C4
  4. The mighty hood appears! I....I don't know who to vote for now. I'll...come back
  5. HMS Hood! Also: lack of drunk jokes for pola, missed opportunity!
  6. Gonna take a crack at it and guess the one who was shooting sharks was uss indianapolis. The lack of bulldog is saddening D4 good captain
  7. Question, I'd like to donate to the game but $170 is kind of tanky for someone in college (I am in the UK at the moment), will there be other opportunities in the future (specifically ones that include the Royal Navy) or should I just bite the bullet?
  8. Sticking with C6, since no bulldog. I was thinking e3 since her eyes remind me of belfast but meh, haha.
  9. Oh, bulldog is missing, did I miss something, wasn't around last week.... c6 I suppose
  10. I'm interested to see how the big 7 interact with each other, competitive, arrogant, friendly, hateful, loyal, will be interesting to see. Will you be able to go from computer to phone and back again on one account?
  11. Well, I had to do something to keep myself entertained during those long trips, and better that than fisticuffs with the engineers.< wouldn't a belle kill a normal man even play fighting? D4
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