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  1. I've been in a Trance mood lately. So I present without further ado, AMINE MAXWEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL'S EXPOSURE! I can't wait to buy the song actually ;-;
  2. True, I used her mostly because I had already did all the cutting of her turrets and such out haha. thank you though glad you like it! True! I'll get around to doing one for her as well
  3. Goodness her arm makes me writhe in pain mostly because it looks all bent out of shape. Anywho Nel loving the wallpapers! Keep up the good work!
  4. Updated with the first Nazi Germany one. This one has a more poster feel to it than my other ones. And I feel the more I've done them the better I'm getting at them. Also I saved my turret-less version of Scharnhorst if anyone wanted it just lemme know and I'll post it. Otherwise enjoy the German wallpaper. UP NEXT: Nel's Signature A wallpaper of Fubuki (going to go for the Japanese style art way for a wallpaper IF POSSIBLE) A french ship (insert ideas here) Probably Mockba's wallpaper or another German one perhaps. Said wallpaper: Okay time for bed now.
  5. NEL PLEASE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (I secretly like this post)
  7. Thank you! I'll do my best to live up to the standards and I'll post more! Thanks! Your signature reminded me I need to do one for the Japanese ships as well, I need to get to work on that!
  8. Thanks nel! Not that mine are more vibrant, it's everyone has their own thing they are good at! In my case I'm probably going to be seen as a communist now ;-; True, and thanks to the criticism I've fixed up my latest one that might be a little easier on everyone's eyes C: Hope you enjoy it! This is true comrade! It's these nitpicks that allowed me to make better content for the community. I just need to figure out if I can do you know...non communist wallpapers for the belles in the future. Huzzah!
  9. Thanks! I'm actually working on another one for fun and because I don't feel like playing Overwatch haha Thank you for the kind words! I'll make sure to do more and better ones as I slowly get my skills back in Photoshop!
  10. Here's a funny image I made because Ninjapacman posted it and suggested it. I feel kinda bad my first submission to the forum is of something I did to kill time at home. (Hope that's okay with you) I saw some wallpapers Nel made and I decided maybe I should do some as well for 3 reasons: 1) Because why not? I love making things! 2) Because I'm sure a user out there would love it! 3)And to see if I can still even work Photoshop after not touching it for like...I dunno how many years (hue ;- Well here's one. It's got some transparency to it so whatever colour you have set in windows you'll have to change it. I'll upload the non burnt one as well if that would suit your fancy more. I think I'll probably do more of these Constructivist Propaganda type wallpapers for the ships of the USSR Here's my SLiMG album where I'll just start posting them at. As always enjoy them and uhh feel free to critique them? (I don't get my feelings hurt easily so you can be blunt if you want) https://sli.mg/a/amMSEw Or you can just see it here if you don't want to click the link. Non burnt version Burnt Transparent Version Edit: Added a new wallpaper and fixed the typo(s) on the third one (thanks Fif) Also this was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be. Freaking enjoyed doing it - totes going to do it again for sure! Cheers and have a wonderful day! Edit as of 4:11 AM MST 12/6/16 Okay added the picture up here. I've had too much vodka and my eyes hurt so I'm off to bed now c:
  11. Super looking forward to playing the USSR in this one. Mostly because I like some of their ships (though the bigger players IJN, The Royal Navy, US Navy, Nazi Germany's have more) it would be a good time to listen to more russian as I continue to learn the language itself (Cyrillic IS A TOUGH THING TO READ oh goodness why). Totes looking forward to the release of the game and can't wait to sit at work playing it as well during my lunch break HAHA ;-; Cheers! Slava Rodine! Smert do beschestiya!! (Glory to the motherland)! (Death before dishonor)! слава родине! смерть до бесчестья!
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