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  1. You need to stop trying to sound smart AK. You're only making an A** of yourself. Canada wasn't even independent before the 80's meaning ALL of it's accomplishments are the U.K.'s accomplishments. And obviously the U.S. WILL focus on the U.S. and not on another country, that's how patriotism works. And even by your own words Canadian games made in Canada are trash. Just stop AK, just stop.
  2. I would like to change my vote to F1 please
  3. I have the boarding parties ready Captain. Waiting for orders.
  4. Canada... canada... oh yea the 51st state of the USA now i remember. Lol JK, hope canada becomes it's own nation in VB
  5. welp i'm going to keep the wiki open for any events now, just to be safe
  6. i was wondering in the VN events where we can befriend or romance a belle, if we mess up and hit the wrong one, can we try to romance again at a later date with a different event, or do we have to wait for new game +?
  7. Why sink the hood when you can use too lead the German invasion of London.
  8. Thanks for clarifying the wording just felt weird so i figured i should ask in stead of assuming
  9. Actuallt that makes me wonder, will we be able to mix and match equitment like put german torps on american ships?
  10. Not a bad read, a bit to mach wall of texty for my tastes, but still overall good
  11. Good story so far, I really look forward to any future chapters.
  12. is it possible for me to get a sig with Scharnhorst and the saying "Wir sind der Jäger!" Oh and Imptrooper as the captains name Please and thank you
  13. Fair enough, it was just names and maps that came to mind.
  14. 1. I've been playing a lot of Hearts of iron recently and it got me wondering will there be different map modes like a political one where we can see the progress of the land war, one that show all members of the anti-morganna force, and one that show all nations loyal to axis, allies, Comintern. 2. Will there be any events that are not related to the belles, like Patton or Rommel congratulating us on a job well done over a beer or something.
  15. I'm wondering (and I'm aware i might be asking to much of you) but will we atleast have teasers for later belles down the line or will we only see belles available to us out of the gate. Like will we maybe see a design for the USS Missouri or Bismarck this year or alot further down the road. Sorry I'm just both curious and impatient.
  16. I hope so, that sounds like a great way for those of us that aren't amazing at strategy could get a hang on it with out worrying about losing our belles.
  17. I'm Just going to happy if there is one or two belles from the minor nations that fought in WW2 (Romania/Bulgria) let alone others in general.
  18. Thanks I was a bit worried that I would still get bogged down by US and UK ships when as a role player I plan on only using Axis ships.
  19. I would have to go with the Bismarck. I have loved this ship and have attempted lego models of her since I was 4. She is just so cool, my father being a Seaman with massive love for this ship has nothing to do with it... I swear!
  20. 1. I'm just wondering is there a release date or at least an estimate for release? 2. Will my pick for starting nation make certian belles easier to get? if I pick Germany will i be able to get german/axis belles easier than allies/soviets?
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