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  1. C1! and I don't think HMS Enterprise would be able to launch a non-seaplane as seen in the silhouette. (Looking on the wiki, she's only carried a floatplane.) A4 is also intriguing, it looks like she has leg prosthesis.
  2. I've been away from the forum enough that it signed me out. Congrats on the Beta release date confirmation! I hope 2021 will be very fun.
  3. Like I said in the Discord, Aurora could end up as an NPC Belle at first and then playable later. I *think* Ooyodo and Akashi were like that in KanColle, maybe not. Mamiya and Irako are full NPC ships since as supply ships....they wouldn't be a good choice for the frontlines. lol For example, Warship Girls has HMS Victory and Aurora as NPC Teachers for the school section of the game. The rest of Royal Oak's 4 sisters were probably planned to be added into the game, but they were cut and later added as dorm furniture (I guess they are somewhat lucky their designer is also the main art director of the game).
  4. I think BCS will have to see how the minor navies fare in the actual game before even putting in the minor-minor navies. Might be nice though.
  5. Kudos to the small dev peek. I wonder what's the max velocity....
  6. I agree with Metis. The "We're not showing any WIPs until we are truly, really done. Neener-neener! " only works in a short timeframe; after the initial release date is passed and there's going to be a delay (better if the delay isn't too long and there's a concrete new release date on hand). Almost 4 years of mostly text RP updates and the only one gameplay video once a year (maybe even two, "as a treat " ) doesn't.
  7. That answer doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence since it's the still the samey "It's going to be awesome, trust us " when there's not much else shown but the writing and Belle RPing and not much actual gameplay shown. You can still show off the other stuff that don't need the Construction & Store modules. If not just game-play updates, what about more updates on the game as a whole? The last 2 modules have been in "We're working on it!! Honest!" limbo for months, maybe even a year with not much info on the other stuff that make up the game that's not writing-related. As I mentioned a while back, why do the few backers still around have to basically *poke* you to give non-writing-based updates? Unprofessional.
  8. About time for this to be bumped up. So the game will definitely come out this year. Awesome. So is it wrong to expect more...updates that shows more of the game itself in action? It's frustrating when it's near the middle of the release year the updates have been "more of the same", eg. "The Writers RPing as Belles talk about stuff in text-heavy updates with repeated, static portraits", repeat for months and months and months (if you want something different or an update for the OTHER parts of the game, you need to go dig into the forums and POKE the devs). I've seen the KickStarter comments section, and it's depressing. I can really only hope that when it does release, you guys have a super awesome way to advertise because with games like Girls Frontline and Azur Lane, VB is going to seem....very dated. KanColle survives because it still has a hardcore fanbase left after the huge popularity rush. Even then, it's gameplay is considered dated. I hope I get surprised, nonetheless.
  9. These first looks are always nice to see each week. Also, how about some actual updates for the game itself?
  10. It's been...well, close to 4 years since the beginning of the Kickstarter with some progress on the game since then. I'm just curious what's BCS's plans for 2020 will be. Will we get more updates focusing on non-VN gameplay? More visual/audio media? Will this be the year where we can finally get a (beta?) start date????
  11. Really nice update! I'm glad that there's a speed setting on the battles, because 1x seemed a bit too "slow" for me, but it might work out since I usually play these mobile games while multi-tasking on the computer. I'm excited about the potential of each Belle having at least 20+ chapter character stories! I had thought Mahan was the default starter-ship for the US? I do vaguely remember she could be *a* starter ship if you pre-ordered the Alfred T. Mahan book a long time ago.
  12. I'm honestly think it's a drag for people to have to come to the forums and dig around to find out what's going on game-wise, since most of the recent updates is Belles chattering about in-universe stuff (or historical stuff like name-sakes and irl war service) . I mean a recent update was, well I would call it "frivolous", a small one that was just 2-3 Belles talking about a single sentence added on to a letter that was in an update over a year ago. If BCS can at least give progress updates on the actual game itself in at least 1 update a month or 2, that would be great. Hell, I think that had been promised in the past too.
  13. Bumping this up again so I won't hang on to the recent update thread for something somewhat offtopic. So, back in early November, we finally had a game-play video (2 versions of it, in fact!) of the battle mechanics. A thread on voting who will be in the next Fleet Problem was made, this video was going to be very similar to #1, just them in battle again as Legate mentioned in Update 122's forum thread. After the voting for FP#2 is closed on Nov 9th, Legate says it's now in production and to "expect it some time next month, *we think*" [italicization mine]. It's almost April 9th, a good 5 months since then and with barely a mention of it since. Remember, this was supposed to be another video showing off the battle module again, but during night battle. BCS had said a few times that they wouldn't show a video of game-play unless that module was near finished and and close to be integrated. So, you can assume that the battle engine is finished enough to easily make another battle video. What, exactly, are the statuses for the other modules if it takes this long to output another test battle on a nearly finished battle module? I can only hope that why this Fleet Problem is months late is because you guys are really cracking down on working on the other gameplay aspects and that the FP video fell to the wayside because it's not super high priority to be worked on. Why not tell us about those other gameplay aspects every now and then? How far along is the sortie module? the construction? the VN parts? Romancing? Fleet management? etc??? Anyway, that's my thoughts for the moment.
  14. I think by now, nearly 3 years after the KS started, that we all know too well the song and dance of game development here.
  15. This Kaga is more sharped tongued than the other Kagas I've seen, a nice change of pace. I like her design as well, simple and effective. By the way, from an update last May, would the next interview be with a certain USS Destroyer? Just a suggestion.
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