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  1. This thread is for VB fanart. Maybe there can be a thread for non-VB art somewhere? I draw more Warship Girls than VB, sadly. They already hired another artist to do weapons and extra costumes for the Belles a while back. I don't know if BCS is hiring more for VB.
  2. Both Azur Lane and Battleship Girl are Chinese mobile games. The former is more of a Shmup style game, the other is more like KanColle (and the game itself is based on a Taiwanese manga also called "Battleship Girl"). There are actually a lot of shipgirl games around of varying quality and popularity. For example, here's Z-1 from a Korean shipgirl game, "Fleet Girls" (소녀함대): The "62" is her level.... I do play it a lot. I won't be lying if I said that I play a lot of these Shipgirl (and other moe weapon) games. lol
  3. I don't say much about interviews because I usually have nothing new to say. I like her, but I'm not really a big fan of turrets being on her knees. How the hel/ does it work? Unless they have to be at max elevation (relative to how they are normally oriented) all the time to shoot. Her AA-gun is pretty cool though.
  4. I really like her design (and personality) but such a differentiating hair/eye color should've been caught pretty early before sending off the update. Anyway, the pink/purple is a nice shade for her...
  5. Guys, Jojo can read English just fine. Cute Maass trio~
  6. I want Parizhskayakommuna to be at least 6ft tall so she can hold me.
  7. This interview was like an episode of "Ghost Adventures". XD I liked it and U-29 has a neat personality and design. Damn, little things like that are really cool to have on a character!
  8. When the game comes out (beta or otherwise), I know some people want to post their VB playthroughs on here. Would they have to all be in one thread or can each member make their own? And we would definitely need a thread on bug reports.
  9. Oh nooooo, Legate and the alpha testers are "NTR"ing everyone if you put it that way.
  10. A good idea is to link to their interviews (if applicable).
  11. No no, you should practice on MY favorite Belles: New Orleans or De Ruyter
  12. The lion boots might make an appearance when/if I draw her again.
  13. I've been having a bad art block lately, here's a quick D'Aosta:
  14. I hope he comes by more often. : >
  15. Whoa, well done! Nerpa is so cute.
  16. I hope the person that was in charge of the Tumblr is doing ok. They have been sick for a while.... why not have another staff do the picture uploading and stuff?
  17. So dudes, how exactly can we ship Nerpa to Baikal? The main rule is that you can't break her down to pieces for transport or else this won't be a fun challenge.
  18. I liked her. She's cool and good. One thing I mentioned in the Discord chat was that in '39 Belles have 30ft of limited lateral movement away from any point of their shipselves, but they can go upwards or downwards several thousand feet? I had thought the restricted Belle movement was more of a sphere around their shipselves than a really tall, skinny cylinder. Yeah yeah, if the upwards limit wasn't very high, Mahan and Kongou couldn't see all that cool stuff from above. So why nearly limitless up and down movement, but such a short distance for lateral? ETA: Just noticed Fif brought up this same question in the general questions thread. Whoops.
  19. The whole Mighty No.9 drama was partially due to really bad PR (including hiring someone unfit to be a community supervisor). Thankfully BCS has blessed us with the opposite.
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