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  1. The actual ship and the man she was named after? Pretty interesting!

    The Belle herself? Honestly disappointing.


    I was hoping she would be more than a sandwich glutton but there wasn't really any "hook" that grabbed me to say that she had something more to her under all the sandwiches. I felt like the gimmick was pounded into my head so much that I was turned off.


    I can understand that, like with KanColle, creating a lot of unique characters is super hard. So there will be some characters that are one-note gimmicks or have a flat personality, eg. Kongou or Yuudachi in the KanColle anime (and I like both in the game itself, but just not really in the anime).

  2. Wow, BCS really out-done themselves this time. Both Nagato and Kongou look gorgeous! (As for personalities, I don't really like snooty characters like the latter...)


    The only thing that bugs me is how....tiny Nagato's turrets are (compare them to Dunkerque's or even Kongou's). She's a BIG 7 battleship, why are her turrets "cruiser-size" small??? :S

  3. One question I have on mind is what protections against leakers BCS will use? This is regarding the full public game and not the beta.


    Coming from the Pokemon fandom, I know those games get hacked and image/info dumped before release, due to people getting early copies and either playing the game normally, or using programs to unravel the game code.


    Either way, leaking might inadvertently happen.

  4. Finally drew some doodles that safe enough to not be put under a spoiler! These refer to Stewart's interview with the cheerleader stuff:


    Not a 1930's cheerleader outfit, but the point still gets across. Poor Mahan!



    Stewart with USS Ranger from WarshipGirls. I might go back and finish this later on, as I have other drawings that need to be finished first. :)

  5. Aah, that's too bad!

    But I think everyone here would rather wait for a more polished product than something rushed out and full of bugs.


    Hopefully the Belle bingo board won't run out of Belles when the beta is released... then it's up to BCS to chose them, or else the voting will be all over the place with shots in the dark.

  6. I had a general fascination with WW2 history since I was a young teen, but I was mostly focused on the human side of it. I loved hearing stories about soldiers on the front line or the civilians back home (on both sides of the war). I would have to say as for the WW2 ships themselves, I didn't know many except the really famous ones like Bismarck and Enterprise. It wasn't until I started playing KanColle in early 2014 (again, I barely knew most of these ships from before that, except Yamato and maybe Akagi) that I really started looking into ship history of my favorites.


    I did have a grandfather and his brother who served in the Navy during WW2. My grandpa was a CB, while my great-uncle was on the USS Pope (DD-225). The latter was rescued by the Ikazuchi and was stuck in a POW camp on Makassar for 2 years. Any war stories they had was recounted to me from my aunts and mom, as I was very young with my great-uncle died (despite that, he never really talked much about his service) and grandpa died nearly 10 years ago.


    On a more cheerful topic, I'm also a big fan of moe anthropomorphism. :)

  7. *late*

    I like big butts and I cannot lie


    Yeah, I was curious how beta-players would sign in and have their KS Belles already there (if applicable). Like let's say they have 50 backers on the Boise tier. Would BCS have to make 50 separate accounts (that include Boise and the lower tier exclusive Belles) according using their emails, which then the VB account has to be "activated" by the backers choosing a username and password, etc etc?


    Anyway, I'm excited~!

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