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  1. My condolences and well-wishes to everyone affected. (effected?)
  2. I was expecting a large-scale event for Winter, but I'm relieved it's a smaller one than the last event (the last map might be another 2-parter, ugh). Gotta keep on Orel cruising and stockpiling baux.
  3. That's very cute! I like how you colored her hair.
  4. Can you upload it on a site like Imgur? I can't see it at all. :<
  5. Even if it's just one quickly done book this coming summer, seeing VB at future Comikets is exciting. Maybe in the future, if there's enough support for it, BCS can hire translators for the story lines into Japanese.
  6. Yeah, I'm hoping the workload isn't too much for poor Salmon. I'm sure you have other artists doing other stuff like backgrounds and such, so Salmon only really has to focus on Belles only. I'm a KanColle/Warship Girls player so I'm pretty used to having different artists doing ships. As for the other artists being brought in, I do hope that even though their styles would have to mesh very well with Salmon's, I hope BCS will allow a little leeway to allow certain aspects of their art style shine through.
  7. I might get shamed for this, but recently I drew a (lewd) Mahan. It might be way too lewd for this poor forum (but it's not even porn, or else I wouldn't post it here *at all*), so I censored it just in case:
  8. Well worth the wait, I can't wait to put her on my fleet. <3
  9. I headcanon currently-being-constructed ships that start off as amorphous ghostly blobs (keel laid down) *if* they appear to the naked eye and then slowly forming into a human shape as they near completion. So they are fully formed when they get launched. Belles are somewhat like Klabautermanns to me (but definitely without the omen of a doomed ship if you see it ).
  10. Great stuff in here! Wrong thread? That's definitely not fanart.
  11. Honestly, I want Ari to at least be reserved for the week of the 7th if Bulldog can't be delayed for 3 weeks.
  12. The biggest bullshit I've seen with event RNG is having 2-3 good runs beforehand, then you send off both support expeditions and you have a combined fleet, so 4 active fleets. Then on the first or second node, you get one ship taiha because HAHAHA F*CK YOU. What a waste of resources and morale loss (because the support expeditions still take up fuel/ammo even if they aren't activated). In better news, I beat E3 (easy) 2 days ago: I like her clothes. It looks very warm and comfy. E3 Fleet: Now onto E4 soon!
  13. Given that she shares the same ship silhouette as Scharnhorst, Delusion might be a battlecruiser?
  14. My fleets' names in the shipgirl games I play are all named after my favorite Kyary Pamyupamyu songs. VB will be no different.
  15. Holy cow that vote was close! Congrats to Hood. I would be fine with little Morgana interludes at the end of interviews like last time with Corruption.
  16. Looks like my Morgana vote didn't count, I meant DDoS for clearification. :>
  17. I think the interviews need a little shake up for once. Let's go Morgana!
  18. Lol, this was worth the wait. <3 Aaaah, I'm not sure what to say....I need to gather my thoughts. I could imagine if you have the best weapons on yourself, you might end up high-and-mighty? But when you have improper equipment because of cost-cutting, you will have to make do with that you have. I do wonder if there's going to be a Belle who's just a bit bitter because someone in her ship-class got better guns or whatever.
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