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  1. This is more of a minor flavor thing, but one think I noticed across all the shipgirl games I play is that the enemies don't have a "damaged" sprite as well. The closest thing to that is with certain special event bosses in KanColle (those usually appear as their sprite on the last dance).


    I doubt VB will have something like that as it's more illustration work, but it's something to think about.

  2. Maybe in one of the VB events (like how KanColle has a major event for each season every 2-3 months) one of the harder maps will give you a Morgana weapon as a reward (with quick thinking and acting, you salvaged it off her). You can then give it to your allied Nation of choice to do research and maybe reverse engineer it.

  3. If there's enough popularity for VB to continue into the Cold War and further, that would make it stand out a bit more from the other shipgirl games.


    Though there is this one Chinese game called "Blue War" where the shipgirls (...and plane girls and tank girls) are in some indeterminate future era where they can shoot lasers and stuff.

  4. The "story moves day-by-day in a 1:1 ratio" worries me. What if I have a week-long vacation, or I'm busy with something all day and can't play VB at the time?


    I shouldn't be "punished" for missing out on something due to real life circumstances. I'm talking about regular gameplay and not special events going on.

  5. This last event was such a salty clusterfuck. I hope somehow the Devs learned their lesson.


    I never ended up beating E7, but I did get some nice drops along with the reward ships (Amatsukaze is actually an extra):


    Right now I'm slowly picking up the pieces and trying to be *more* prepared for next event. @_@

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