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  1. I'm going to take U-29's answer to the depth-capabilities question as teasing Belfast. After all, Belfast asked the submarine equivalent of what's your three sizes, yet didn't mention any warning of repercussions ('I could tell you, but I'll have to kill you afterwards'). Therefore, I take the answer she received with a grain of salt.
  2. The flibblety bilbblety Link
  3. Probably the third option: if land masses- no matter how tiny- can get a Belle that simply, there'd be no stopping the race to ship-ify every dinky island in every ocean, sea and lake. ...And then there's the continents (spoiler: The Good Ship Europa would be a basket case)... From my understanding of Shinto, any thing suitably sublime enough may become a home for a kami. My suspicion is that if that thing can't be sunk, the kami residing in it isn't a ship's spirit.
  4. Elementary, my dear Käpt'n. A rear admiral's flagship and Lt. General Omar Bradley's ride on D-Day alone, plus her extensive prewar history outshined any US battleship save Nevada...and we've already been bankrupted by met her. I believe the gear under Augusta's umbrella is one of her 5"/25 caliber Mk 10 AA guns. ...Just the thing to defend and retaliate against poop-laden seagulls. She'll be a part of my fleet. I am indebted to her Christmas kindness.
  5. (proper introduction pending...)
  6. All I ask from her is regular updates on Thetis.
  7. *Sighs* Well, looks like it's time to rewrite the Rules of War... 😉
  8. Given the status of the USS Ling, let him who treateth his fleet with care cast the first stone. So, with an sample of 2, we have no serious Soviet submarines. You know what, I'm good with that. Taken as a whole, submariners tend to buck the trends of their surface counterparts: the separation of officers and enlisted sailors is often nonexistant, spit-and-polish dress codes are put on hold until just before entering ports-of-call, they're at their best when the orders are simple (such as just go out and sink some enemy ships), etc. It doesn't make them any less loyal. Just more fun. Sushka Zefir is certainly interesting from any angle. I was instantly struck by how...compact ? consolidated?...her gear is. Makes me want to meet a Dutch submarine Belle or her Aunt, TCG Gür now to compare, especially since she lacks the red, industrial girder-like connective structure inherent on all Soviet ships seen thus far. I will enjoy S-3's sugar-fueled, exuberant innocence for now. Oh, and before I forget...
  9. #1 for me, please. My liver would abandon its post if I even thought to try to keep pace with a Belle; let alone whole fleets of them with varying degrees of alcohol tolerance. Therefore, the my plan of attack is to let them notice when I haven't been served yet...and nurse that one drink like a patient in an ICU. Remember: they can't refill it if it isn't refillable yet. 😉
  10. Yes, that's a terrible, horrible situation. I volunteer to personally track them down for you and learn the secret of their techniques. 😜
  11. Such a misleading video. This is Ragyō's theme. ...Here we go.
  12. Two separate gripes, TH. In her letter, she was referring to the writer of the seventh letter, who can only be Giulio Cesare. In the interview, she referred to Casare as and then went on to note that It is possible Cavour didn't mean anything causality-wise (that because Leo's head was "in the clouds" she therefore experienced a magazine explosion and was lost). However, given Cavour's attitude--especially with regard to her surviving sister-- I'm not willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.
  13. I seem to recall a certain letter delivered by Rawalpindi: I wasn't particularly impressed with her letter and I'm even less impressed with her in interview. The cultured don't speak ill of the sunk, much less a scrapped sister (to keep karma from coming back to bite you if nothing else). But that's fine. I'll give her your regards at the launching ceremony and look out for her in '40. 😉
  14. The Guépard-class destroyer we've met specifically stated that her namesake is the Battle of Verdun (that I'm thinking of): an event. If she were named for Verdun itself, I would suspect (as I suspect with all location-named Belles) that unless and until the place is blown off the face of the Earth it has no last day and would then be counted among ships named after generic wildlife, weather conditions, adjectives and/or just given numbers (who don't worry about such things). As far as historically busy or not, the common tradition is that a person gets a ship named after them posthumously. Not all die as spectacularly as say, Hans Lüdemann or Sergey Kirov, but the common denominator here is that they have a date of expiration.
  15. It's well known by now that a Belle is effected by her Death Day. What about the Death Day of a Belle's namesake? Or, if the ship is named after an event, the date of that? If the event happens to be over a span of days (such as the Battle of Verdun) would the first or last day of said event be of significant importance to her? In Update #98, it was evident that a certain Belle is skittish where the Ides of March is concerned. Is that a real danger, or simply a touch of paranoia?
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