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  1. If we're just throwing suggestions out there, I think HMS Porcupine might be fun.
  2. The board has 36 Belles on it: a lot of Belles don't garner many votes.
  3. Do you think you once Nerpa is available, you could make an all submarine (Nerpa, Nautilus, Surcouf, I-8, Axum) on a dark blue background? Motto: Don't make me come up there...
  4. Underwater basket weaving for the Win! It says something that about how cute she is that I had no idea her real history and as Mahan related her exploits I was worried about her. I'm happy to hear she survived the war.
  5. It sounds to me as though if Legate had a hard-and-fast deadline time, he'd share it. But he doesn't so he can't. It think it falls to voters to do so on Friday or Saturday if an early afternoon deadline on Sunday is a hassle.
  6. New row imminent, since Tumblr has updates for Yavuz, Chiyoda and Lampo.
  7. ...It occurs to me that although she interviewed Mahan, Leningrad hasn't been interviewed. Did I miss something, or is it just assumed she wouldn't do one *coughwithMahancough*, even if asked?
  8. Personally, I think the Morganas should get their own board. A dart board. As for this week's Bingo, I'll cast my vote for DeRuyter on E-2.
  9. Makes sense. Thanks for the speedy reply, Legate! On another note, which do you prefer: air or oil popped popcorn? After this thread, I'm thinking a microwave popper is in my future...
  10. I'm curious if Delusion's shot at Scharnhorst was a miss, or a hit that did no damage. If the latter, does a miss just continue off the screen?
  11. For posterity's sake, GO has the distinction of the smartphone game with most active users in the United States thus far and has more active users than Candy Crush at its peak. It is not without controversy, as Museums and Historical Sites see an increase in visits for less than intended reasons. I hope the Support Website makes removing pokemon from "inappropriate" places a priority...I doubt GO works in China, but to illustrate the example I'd rather people visited a certain bend in the Yangtze for the historical significance (or even to raise that courageous little river rat), not to catch a water type (or God forbid a ghost-type).
  12. And this is why we can't have anything nice... http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-07-11/missouri-police-armed-robbers-used-pokemon-go-to-lure-victims/.104186
  13. Looking at this thread, Yavuz would probably be thinking to herself: just as planned. I might be more sympathetic to her if Parizhskaya Kommuna hadn't been interviewed first.
  14. The OCD in me feels compelled to ask if the four blank spots could be arranged for the four corners of the board, and the Belles in A-1, F-1 and A-7 moved to the center of Rank 7--for symmetry's sake?
  15. I'm sure there are plenty of tie breakers that have not cast their votes yet...
  16. Don't know about Youtube, but I found this on a Radiolab Podcast: http://www.radiolab.org/story/bigger-bacon/ https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1300&dat=19460408&id=9r1VAAAAIBAJ&sjid=NpcDAAAAIBAJ&pg=1214,499355&hl=en So when can I get my shrimp map?
  17. I believe Capoeira covers both dance and battle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capoeira ​Certainly any Idol would consider Entertainment is War to be truth, so why not? I agree with you, RockArby. I think it's hard to top Axum though, who lampshaded the interview format (This is the part where the Belle leaves and you give the Capitano her real-world service record, right?). Problem is that Mahan is not only an assistant in the interview process, she's a Belle herself (and by default, the Belle with the personality we know most due to that). If she's too much the straight man, she becomes a stick in the mud. That doesn't change the fact that many of us have a...preconceived notion of how a particular Belle should/might act and, like Mahan, the Belle that steps through the hatch isn't always the one we were expecting.
  18. Hmmm... Did I miss something, or is this week's Belle interviewee too shy?
  19. B4. I'm all for IJN representation, but Hiryuu looks too serious. After Fubuki and her morose interview, i'd like to hear from a more playful Japanese Belle first.
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