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  1. n my opinion, Canadians have a better chance of appearing in Azur Lane. You had a larger fleet than the Indians and Australians and New Zealanders. The Polish navy will appear probably the last in the game.

    Many times the Polish Navy cooperated with the Canadian Navy during World War II.

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  2. As a curiosity, there is no mention in the text about missing Polish fishing boats in the Baltic area a few days before September. The Polish navy and border guards investigated the issue of mysterious disappearances.  Meanwhile, on Polish ships, a radio message was received by means of the secret basic code MAR-3 with the message about not shooting reconnaissance airplanes in broken Polish language.

  3. I hope that one day Lembit or L-3 may appear, a submarine who has done many things than all soviet submarines in the Baltic Sea.

    I do not want to go out on some enemy of Soviet naval history. However, the Soviet submarine ships showed very poor achievements except for a few 
    submarine. ... during the Second World War despite the power of the fleet.
    I am waiting for a mysterious Dutch submarine.


  4. On 2/9/2019 at 6:00 AM, TwoHeavens said:

    USS Sculpin (SS-191) was hard confirmed as active and engaging Morgana forces encroaching on the salvage site of USS Squalus (SS-192), and HMS Vampire (D68) was all but confirmed in the latest update.  


    On 2/9/2019 at 3:29 PM, Legate of Mineta said:


    Sculpin is only confirmed in the sense that she has a Belle- but she is not available in '39, which is why she was left un-Redacted. Confusing, I know. :)

    So I understand correctly that HMAS Vampire, USS Sculpin and USS Sailfish (SS-192) were confirmed after the last update?

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