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  1. Somewhere in the middle of the setting sun on the Baltic Sea. . Destroyer ORP Wicher affects the storm ... Gun of The Wicher Blood upon the skyes 'Crying walks across the seas Dark spirits yet awakened I feel that something moves around Oil in my veins Legends conjured in my blood Insomia holds my mind Always ready... Always! Gun - it's blade Unholy savior in my hands That metal touch Giving hope or death I touch it gentle With high respect indeed I raise the gun above All powers in my hands! I am the lord and master of the gun See magic in my eyes That force became my endless course Wicher is my name Adrenaline burns me inside All Spirits from the Past protect the souls which never rest... Morganas and Corruption This night is my domain My glowin' eyes You never wish them closer... Smell of blood Claws of steel My metal God is so hungry...Again! I am the lord and master of the gun See magic in my eyes That force became my endless course Wicher is my name Adrenaline burns me inside All Spirits from the Past protect the souls which never rest...
  2. The little curiosity about Avro Canada CF-105 "Arrow" The design work on the aircraft Avro Canada CF-105 "Arrow" was involved a group best of Polish builders, which was during the Second World War in Canada. They were: Eng. Zygmunt Cyma, Eng. Waclaw Czerwinski, Eng. Kazimierz Korsak, Eng. Kazimierz Księski, Eng. Wieslaw Stępniewski, PhD. Eric Kosko. Renowned Polish experimental pilot - Janusz Żurakowski began in April 1952., Work in the Canadian company Avro Canada in Toronto. He flew aircraft Avro CF-100 "Canuck". Later he is performing flights on the aircraft Avro CF-105 "Arrow". The first test flight of CF-105 number RL 201 made 03.25.1958. Supersonic speed, Żurakowski already reached in the seventh flight of the prototype RL 201. As the first Pole by plane exceeded the speed of sound and the speed of 2000 km / h. In August of 1958. Prototype flew RL 202 and RL 203 in September, while on the latter exceeded the speed of sound in the first flight. In total, CF-105 Żurakowski made 22 flights, the last on 09.14.1958. For his contribution to the development of aviation nickname "Zura" received in the same year McKee Trophy. Team of four experimental pilots "Arrow" was also the second Pole - Wladyslaw Potocki (former commander of 315 Polish Squadron). It has the largest raid on an airplane, "Arrow". I could extruded with a razor all the skills. He was the first Pole who has exceeded the speed Ma 2 (according to other sources has reached 1.96).
  3. INTERNATIONAL expedition Society Expeditions Wrecks and Reefs found the ship's bell Polish escort destroyer ORP "Kujawiak", which 74 years ago, sank off the coast of Malta. After obtaining the appropriate permits bell destroyer is to be excavated and will go to the Maritime Museum Birgu (Vittoriosa) Malta. ORP "Kujawiak" was a British destroyer escort type Hunt II. May 30, 1941. Was handed over by the Royal Navy Polish Navy. Destroyer escorts were smaller, had a lower displacement, and were less armed than conventional destroyers. Were intended primarily to perform combat tasks in the service of escort and security escorted merchant vessels vulnerable to attack enemy submarines and aircraft. Throwing depth charges, repelled air strikes, put up smokescreens and rescued survivors from the sunken units. PMW (Polish Navy) in cooperation with the British Royal Navy received three ships of the class II Hunt, who received the name OORP "Krakowiak", "Kujawiak" and "Ślązak". Ship ORP "Kujawiak" commanded by Lieutenant Commander Ludwik Lichodziejewski. Its primary task was to escort Allied convoys in the English Channel and the Bristol Channel, the main opponent of the former German planes. In May of 1942. She was sent to the Mediterranean, where he took part in the escort of one of the Allied convoys (operation "Harpoon") supply to Malta. During the approach to the port of La Valletta one of the British destroyer HMS "Badsworth" stepped on a mine and suffered serious damage. Crew flowing as the last in a convoy of Polish destroyer, who himself was in the mine area, he joined the rescue operation.On board the HMS "Badsworth" There were about 120 survivors from the previously sunken ships. During the heroic action 53 minutes after midnight, June 16, at the left side of the "Kujawiak" at the height of the position of Division No 2 mine exploded, tearing the skin and adjacent watertight bulkheads. Despite the immediate action of the crew, the ship quickly tilted to the side. With Malta sent to his rescue tug "Robust", but before he could take the hall, about 1.20 Polish destroyer sank in position 35 ° 52'02 "N 14 ° 38'05" E, entailing 13 crew members in the depths of the sea. September 22, 2014, the Polish expedition "The Hunt for L72" found the wreck "Kujawiak". The wreck lies at a depth of 90 meters. The ship is tilted to the left side. It is well preserved. http://dzieje.pl/aktualnosci/miedzynarodowa-ekspedycja-odnalazla-dzwon-niszczyciela-orp-kujawiak On this page is a picture of a bell
  4. It's nice if it appeared in a game other Polish belles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Błyskawica lucky ship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Grom_(1936) called by the Germans cursed Pole or "Menschenjäger" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Burza veteran convoys and sister ship ORP Wicher http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Orzeł_(1938) brave submarine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Wilk troll submarine
  5. Plans Polish Navy 1939 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peking_Plan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worek_Plan
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