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  1. So I'm wondering how it might look further in the VB universe. Unfortunately, my country's history looks like a Gordian knot. Events such as September 12, 1939 - Abbeville, September 17, 1939 - Soviet Invasion of Poland, Tehran Conference, Yalta Conference had a powerful influence on history. If this is to be an alternative version of history, then the Polish Navy could have been able to execute the Z or W plan. Full scale naval submarine warfare with Polish submarines on German and Russian ports and torpedo attacks using Cant-506s. To be more interesting, there were two governments at the end of the war. Polish government-in-exile in London and the Provisional Government of National Unity in Warsaw and two Polish navies. Another matter is how the relations between the Polish belles, and the German and Soviet Russia's belles relations would look. Forced co-operation? Friendly co-operation or total hostility to both sides and distrust.
  2. I know a a couple jokes about Germans Why do Germans drive the Mercedes? Because they have a viewfinder in the front and feel like in a Tiger. Three Germans walk into a BAR. Gdzie leżą Niemcy? Pod Stalingradem. Polish joke with wordplay from the occupation of Poland. There are two trenches: German and Polish. And so they fight with each other, they shoot themselves, but so far none of the parties hit. Until finally one of the Poles said: - What is the most popular German name? - Hmmmm ... maybe Hans? - ABOUT! Good! We scream Hans and maybe some deer will go out and shoot him. And they scream: - Hans! - Ja!? - The kraut leaned out ... JEB! Got a bullet . - Hans! - Ja!? - JEB! Next... - Hans! - Ja!? - JEB! And so they beat them up, there were only a few ... They think and think: - Maybe we will do that too? - JA! What is the popular Polish name? - Maybe Zdzichu? - Ja gut! And they scream: - Zdzichu! - (silence) - Zdzichu! - (silence) - Zdzichu! - Zdzicha is not there, is on vacation ... It's you Hans? - Ja! - JEB!
  3. Began, the work of movie and television series ORP "Orzeł".
  4. I do not know if there was such a question, but during the war from 1939-1945 there was an internment of warships in neutral ports of neutral countries, such as Sweden's Polish submarines. What is happening when the belles will go a neutral port. Is it interned or something else? For example, the Swedes in the case of fighting against the Germans or threatening the fall of Finland wanted to include Polish submarines in their fleet. On the other hand, the Finns during the Winter War with the Soviet Union wanted Polish submarines to hire Polish Navy submarines with their Polish crews from Sweden.
  5. Ok I'll ask that question in Lore questions. Thanks ^^
  6. I do not know if there was such a question, but during the war from 1939-1945 there was an internment of warships in neutral ports of neutral countries, such as Sweden's Polish submarines. What is happening when the belles will go a neutral port. Is it interned or something else? For example, the Swedes in the case of fighting against the Germans or threatening the fall of Finland wanted to include Polish units in their fleet. On the other hand, the Finns during the Winter War with the Soviet Union wanted Polish submarines to hire Polish Navy submarines with their Polish crews from Sweden.
  7. According to historical data, the first sunken warship at the beginning of the second war it was ORP "Mazur" - heroic school ship, which fought to the end. Ex German torpedo boat "V-105". ORP "Mazur" in defense of the Polish coast in 01.09.1939 Before the war, "Mazur" perform tasks related to transport war material from Gdynia to Hel. The outbreak of war found him in the harbor war in Oksywie, where it was moored at the west pier in a pool No. 2 commander of the ship was Captain mar. Tadeusz Rutkowski. That day she had to evacuate to Hel employee of the Department of Information of the Independent Fleet Command, Anna Starkównę. At. 14.00 Port attacked the 32 German planes dive-Junkers Ju 87B 'Stuka' squadron IV. (St) / LG 1. Ready to leave port, "Mazur", with half the crew of machine positions led anti-fire with 40 mm cannon and machine guns cal. 13.2 mm and 7.92 mm. At the end of the raid on the ship came a bomber, which dropped three bombs. The first of them were in a part of the beak lifting it away from the rest of the ship. The second exploded at the height of the pier running guns No. 1 and No. 2, and the explosion threw the ship from the waterfront at approx. 70 meters. Through broken skin began to fill with water, and the ship slowly began to sink. Despite numerous destruction and the loss of about 40 people, the other crew members conducted antiaircraft fire. The longest - until the waves washed away their deck, fought Lieutenant sailor. Jacenty Dehnel and artillery sailor Waclaw Armada attendant stern caliber anti-aircraft gun. 40 mm. From the wreckage they were dismantled and placed on the ground 75 mm cannon. Other equipment installed in improvised armored train "Smok Kaszubski", which used the Land Coastal Defence. After the war, the wreck was excavated by the Germans and cut into scrap. The heroic attitude of the staff and continuous fire antiaircraft limit losses on the first day at the port despite the superior forces of the enemy in the air. ORP "Mazur" became the first Polish Navy ship sunken in combat and the first Allied warship sunk during World War II.
  8. Little know facts The ship's bell from the German battlecruiser "Gneisenau". Bell is an exhibit at the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.
  9. Really . Polish fireworks are very good. Just no one can handle them but us Poles . Besides, we have the best group of fireworks in Europe. Every year this group opens the biggest festivals in Europe even in Germany [youtube] [/youtube]
  10. Light cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy - Tenryū. But I was going to vote for "Lucky ship", "Bohaterska szczęściara", ''Bottle of Whiskey", "Torpedokreuzer", "Iceland taxi" and "ポーランドの 雪風" .... ORP ''Błyskawica"
  11. Added to the list of confirmed light cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy - Tenryū
  12. Nice if the destroyer ORP "Błyskawica" in the game, VB was the nature of breaking the fourth wall. Like the Neptune character from Hyperdimension Neptune or Deadpool . And the rest of the girls thought she was crazy. Please ^^
  13. First polish battlecruiser? Wasn't she scrapped after they lifted her. Also you sound proud of the polish communists lifting a fascist ship. Do I have to tell Jaroslaw K. about you? I'm not proud. For us Poles wrecked Gneisenau until 1951 reminded about the Second World War. Besides, steel and elements from the wreck were rebuilt by factories after war damage and construction of Polish merchant ships.
  14. Ok. Thanks. I like to share interesting information. With each year, the expedition closer and closer to Orzeł next year is to explore 29 more submarine wrecks. Each wreck will be verified whether it is not Orzeł.
  15. How beautiful to see the first Polish battlecruiser in the game The shipwreck of Gneisenau will be lifted from the bottom until 1951!
  16. This time he will vote differently. As this year in November will celebrate 80 years under the white and red flag. I will vote this time for "lucky ship" and heroic destroyer ... ORP "Błyskawica".
  17. The fact that Polish destroyer ORP Piorun has been mentioned, but it does not correspond to what was historical truth. Zero information about the dense fog hovering, at sea during a meeting of destroyers. Zero information about re-losing the German battleship after a successful Fairey Swordfish attack in dense fog. Bullshit and lie about I am a Pole was different and it was a distinctive signal to see how the ship flew in the fog, not during the battle. Zero information about the duel of a Polish destroyer with a German battleship and an artillery exchange between ships. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Piorun_(1940)#/media/File:Bismarck_vs_Piorun.jpg
  18. Political arguments I prefer to leave to historians. But anyway, there would be no compromise tradeoff even after leaving Gdansk to Germany because surely there would be an ultimatum for the return of the entire Polish corridor. You misunderstand me and I forgot to write about the defense of the Polish coast. I mean, that fortifications, ships, military units on the Polish coast were prepared from March 1939 to fight. Otherwise the Polish units on the coast were strengthened in March 1939 with sailors and equipment from the second fleet of the Polish Navy Riverine Flotilla of the Polish Navy. I mean military plans Polish Navy, which became after September 1, was improvised plans. They looked good on paper, but when it came to practice everyone probably knows. There was no full mobilization of ground troops. General mobilization was announced on 29 August, but due to Allied pressure a few hours later it was canceled and announced the following day (with 31 August as the first mobilization day). So by the Allied guilt our mobilization was delayed by at least 24 valuable (because of peaceful) hours. Since the first of September German troops have fought with Poland partial mobilization.
  19. According to Marshal Pilsudski's rule: "Better to balance than fight two fronts". The whole defense of the Polish coast was improvised. If the Polish naval ships had done in the Rurka plan. All three German destroyers would have entered naval mine and flew into the air. In the same place where Wicher and Gryf attacked. General cases about Schlesien civilian shootings were fired on the peninsulas of the Hel Peninsula and caused panic and forced the end of the fighting by civilians. What have they done, but have been captured by the military authorities on Hel and ordered to hide civilians in dugouts in the woods and not to return home. Between 18-23 and 25-27 September both S-H and S fired on the Hel Peninsula trenches, Polish artillery posts, field hospitals and civilians dugouts. Yes, but so especially the Luftwaffe, who threw bombs at everything. There are a lot of written relations Polish civilians and soldiers from Hel Peninsula.
  20. Just a little bit interested in german ships the Kriegsmarine, but the more your U-boots and german ships under the Polish flag. September 27 "Schleswig-Holstein" 05:05 left Gdansk and went to Orlow district, from where. 11:57 he opened a fire from the tower A to the battery of the helskiej. Between the fourth and fifth openings at 12:01 am, the battleship was hit by a 152 mm Polish coastal defense guns.cockpit with a 150 mm round-bottomed casemate. There were 3 wounded sailors and 4 cadets in the stern washroom. A description of the inhabitant of Gdynia, one of the worlds of battle Many inhabitants of Gdynia saw the artillery duel between the cruiser SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN and our coastal defense battery on Hel. The cruiser fought the sailing of the port of Gdynia. At some point - you can see at the command of the commander - small craft in the distance. They set up a smoke screen. I felt that something must have happened when the ship hid from the visibility of our batteries. As it turned out, one of the Our bullets fell through the ventilator into the cruiser. The bullet hit the manned room near the hospital. The explosion triggered a large destruction within the ship killing and injuring many crew members. In this state of affairs the battleship with our battery no longer continued. Schlesien at the sight of the shot and hit Schleswig-Holstein escaped from under the firing of the battery of the Hel coastal defense guns. Why did Schlesien she became unfamous in Poland? 1. Shooting of civilians fleeing to and from the Hel Peninsula and Polish soldiers. 2. Shooting to civilian Polish cities on the coast where there were no troops and hospitals despite the visible white flag red cross. But you do not read about it in the books and monographs of the ship.
  21. The only ships that were not present in the game were two Deutschland-class pre-dreadnought battleships Schleswig-Holstein and Schlesien. Their lack is a little strange. And especially Schleswig-Holstein I hope that this is not political correctness in the game Victory Belles. Schleswig-Holstein fired the first shots of World War II when she bombarded the Polish base at Danzig's Westerplatte in early morning hours of September 1, 1939. For us Poles both ships have no good fame. But several times got hit from Polish artillery bullet in 1939, causing them to panic.
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