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  1. Because of the awesome support you guys provided I got my belle!!! Thank you guys so much. MY last vote before I ship out will be for ddos! I look forward to reading that when I get internet back after basic. Good luck have fun and as McArthur said I WILL RETURN!
  2. I definitely will lol. It's gonna be cold when I get up there lol.
  4. You guys are amazing! But don't sweat it. If you guys see someone you like then by all means get em. I'll be leaving on November 7th and by the time I get internet privileges in February there will be so much cool belles to read and maybe even watch. Nevada will have her day regardless. Who knows maybe freespace2 will get enough votes that I'll see a Morgana interview/interogation that would be sweet.
  5. Thanks for responding Legate. I understand that you can't but thank you for replying.
  6. I vote D1! Let's go Nevada! Hey Legate of Mineta can I have a favor please? I will understand if you cannot but I would like to you to count my vote for my girl Nevada for the next few months or until she gets picked. Now it's not what you think you see I'm going to attend basic training ar fort jackson in afew months and I will not be able to vote so I would like to leave my vote for Ms. Nevada until either she is picked or I start posting again. I am in no way saying for people to give me a pitty party and vote for her. If you guys see a Belle you'd rather have a interview with then Nevada go for it. I also don't want to infer that you screw the votes in Nevada favor that would be cruel to the other players and belles. I just want Nevada to know I have her back for the next few months while I'm away and for my vote as a backer to count. If she is selected then you can officially pull my votes of the wall as I would like to choose who my nex choice is. If this is not possible I understand and will still stand with Nevada!
  7. On a side note shouldn't we take bulldog off the board seeing it's been strongly hinted that she will be the next video interview?
  8. F1. It's time for that Leningrad and Mahan reunion. Come on I know you all want to see that.
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