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  1. We haven't gotten a single gameplay progress/development update for the game in over 6 months at least from what I've seen. And I didn't even know how far back in 2017 I'd have to go to see the last one. When is the next development update and why are they not more frequent? Please keep your backers up to date with the development process, it's very worrying that it's been so long since the last one. Dialogue between characters and answers about lore questions is not good enough. people spent money backing the game, there should be more game updates. 

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  2. Well it's nice that more team members have been added. But could we get a KS update that goes more in depth into the issues and what's being done to solve them. Also what they plan to work on and where the october eta comes from? it feels like it's been a while since there was an update discussing all the technical stuff the team was working on and it would be nice if we could get another one for more transparency. 

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  3. Yes I get that, but here's the problem. The board is important and having two boards every week will lead to confusion. If Ninja's board proves to have legitimacy under the rules, then either your board will need to be changed to accomodate or someone else should create and post the board with Ninja's changes. We cannot have arguments over which boards to use each week because when people use a position on the board to vote and don't specify which board, it won't be possible to tally their vote. 

  4. Ok lets see if we can get this cleared up. Legate, could you state the rules of the voting please to help us clear up the confusion? In order for a Belle to be votable, do we need to have some form of official art of them whether it be a unfinished drawing or silhouette? Or are the ships that have also been teased by text without images somewhere in the campaigns applicable? 

    I would also like to mention I do not like how you are just writing off possible Belles for the board if there's a chance they are available to vote on. Was it ever explicitly stated that they have to have images to count? I am 100% against write-ins but if these ships have been mentioned, then they are not write ins and it should be at least put in a section of your board that at least states that there are no images of them and voting on them may not work. But currently your board lost all credibility with me due to your responses in this thread. 

  5. Yea but then I feel more of the belles should be drawn like Graf Spee, Voykov, Belfast, or Rawalpindi. More limited rigging involved with them. But when he tries to draw rigging and equipment, he's already not playing to his strengths anymore. And Kongou shows he can certainly draw equipment in the correct shapes.

  6. I want to preface this by saying I like Salmon's art. His character designs are great. However, I just feel like the rigging is neglected in the art. From the shapes of the turrets and equipment to the size of the guns and extra turrets or catapults that the ship never had. I just wish the rigging had a little more care put into it. This game is about ship girls, yes the characters should be important, but if the characters have rigging, the care should be put in to make sure they're using the right equipment and have all the shapes and proportions correct.


    Kongou probably has the most correct looking turrets of all the belles, they're more easily identifiable than many of the turrets on other characters. The correct looking equipment only adds to her character design as a whole. I would just like to see more care taken into the equipment if it's put in the art. I'm also fine with characters who have more creative equipment like Graf Spee's triple barreled rifle. Voykov's bigass gun, and Bellfast's harp pompom gun. Even Rawalpalindi who only has a single gun, the gun and turret look correct so I have no issues with it. But if the turrets and other rigging is decided to be added to a characters art, I feel the equipment should look a little better than it does on many of the other belles because otherwise for people like me, it detracts from the art more than it adds to it. Dunkerque's turrets shap disappointed me a little even if all my issues are very nitpicky.

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