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  1. Nice. congrats on clearing. And good luck duck hunting!
  2. Taitei chan helped me bomb the preboss node in E5 last dance. Making E5E last dance take only two runs. The first one being sent home at the preboss and realizing LBAS could help. xD
  3. I got two Hatsuzuki from E1N before I even cleared the map. lol. I know where all my luck for Pola went. And it didn't go towards getting Pola...
  4. Well at least I-26 last event was on a significantly cheaper map to farm where you could do as many runs as you want... lol. Also good luck finding them. I had good luck in this event in the things I didn't want lol. I got Asakaze while clearing. I wanted Asakaze but I'd trade the rng for Asakaze drop for a pola drop every time. xD
  5. Yea I've been using Sara while farming. The weird thing is Pola doesn't seem to drop on S rank. there have been no reports of Pola on S rank yet. Ahhh! My second Oyashio! I. Just. want. Pola! Ok so I think that's enough for the day. I'm now at a total of 81 farming runs. I've gotten 3 Sakawa, 2 Oyashio, Hayasui, Hatsukaze, all of cardiv 1 and 2, and more Nagatos than I can count. Pola is nowhere to be seen. Also what difficulties did you guys do? I saw pizza did E4N? I did NEENE. I could have done E3 on normal but I just didn't feel like it. And the rewards weren't enticing enough imo. I made sure to clear E4 for my first expansion thingy though and I used it on shoukaku K2A. Now she'll have a permanent Damecon lol.
  6. E5 run 70: No Pola in sight. I'm beginning to lose hope as I watch my resources running out. The kancolle god RNGesus is a cruel god. xD
  7. I would disagree with this. The video has been a long time coming. Maybe if they delayed N'awlins or posted both on the same day which I doubt. But I personally have been wanting to see this video interview for a while.
  8. Ah ok. I wasn't sure if they would still hold that stance. So yea ok that clears that up then. Thanks! It'll be nice to see what they do with them then.
  9. It would be nice if they at least said something about it. If they decided to do random Morgana interludes occasionally would that be good enough to not try and derail belle votes? In the end what they want to do with the morganas is the developers choice. And so far from everything else we've seen, it appears they want to keep morganas mysterious. If we got anything, I would assume it would just be more short things like with corruption(?). or as other people mentioned in the discord maybe after action reports about sightings or something.
  10. I just don't want the morganas taking up Belle votes. Also it would be extremely out of character if a Morgana was to talk and give information to people. What do you expect them to tell you about them? I just think it would be better to learn about them as we play the game. Cryptic stuff such as the interlude would be fine though. But something like that just shouldn't take up a belle vote. Now if this vote could show them that people are interested in the morganas and they started making more morgana interludes, that would be great! Mayyybe even a little bit about their armament or something. But nothing that gives too much information because once again, they clearly aren't interested in communicating. And a lot of the mystery should be kept until the story progresses in the game.
  11. 3 would also keep the Morganas mysterious like they should be. And save learning about them for the main game. It would be nice though if there were occasionally some more interludes after some of the interviews. When the writers feel is a good time to put another in.
  12. A rotating view seems like it would just cause confusion and make the interview longer than it needs to be. Also I just don't think they should be votable for Belle interviews. Especially when they're not even on the board. They should just be interludes like the last one when the art/writing team has time or wants to do one. It would be nice if they did do it, yes. But It should in no way interrupt the Belle interviews or cut into the middle of one.
  13. But I feel the main selling point of the game is the Belles. Not the morganas. I don't think morganas are worthy of interrogations. besides who would be the interrogator? I can't imagine it being Mahan. Why would they even give information in an interrogation anyway? It doesn't seem like something they would do. If you want to just hear them thinking evil things, then short things like the last one should be just fine. In the end though, these are polls to vote for the next Belle. And I think it should stay that way.
  14. But we have seen a morgana. In an update a while ago. I just don't think morgana should be votable. And maybe should just be similar small sections like the last one at the end of every interview. I just don't like the idea of voting for a morgana who could possibly delay a Belle.
  15. I change my vote from B4 to A2. Come on guys, some people have been wanting to see A2 for a long time now.
  16. So do we also know who D1 is? Also is there a better picture of B2?
  17. I don't think that's it. I think that's jest because hers name hasn't been confirmed yet. And so they want to keep it a surprise. For ones with confirmed names, I don't think it would be a problem if I had said "I vote for Bearn" for example. Just Legate isn't allowed to confirm the speculation.
  18. Oh yea just read it. Soviet belle. That's quite the disappointment. :/ With how Magan reacted, I have a feeling it might be Leningrad?
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