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  1. Nice clearing 5-3. Also, Pizza, did you check out the quest chains on the wiki? You can probably trace it back to see which quests you still need to do.
  2. Ah yea. We knew it was gonna be Uranami for a week now. lol. The hints gave it away. i was hping she wouldn't be drawn by shibafu though. Just another potato. D: Also that Harusame CG is sooo cute! Guess I'll just have to hope she appears in the next event then. World 6 isn't very farmable. lol. Going to 2-4 for the quarterly. And possibly Uranami drop. Though I won't lose sleep over it if she doesn't. lol. Tactical nuke incoming!
  3. Nice. Where'd you get Harusame btw? in an event or world 6?
  4. Nice office. Got that bar for Junyou. Now get all the other bar items for her. lol I spent quite a bit and finally got my office to something I like. I really like the fall furniture. yea the current bauxite expeditions suck. Currently i'm sending out 6 constantly with a daihatsu and daihatsu 89 for that sweet 5 more bauxite per run. xD
  5. Finally got Kawakaze. it only took 189 runs and 350 buckets to do so. >.< But I'm glad i finally have her and can now focus on other things like leveling ships and clearing world 4. lol.
  6. Where's the picture in this thread? I'd like to vote for canarias. Which is D3 I think?
  7. 121 runs so far... 4 Taigei, 2 Hiryuu, Souryuu, all the kongous at least twice except kirishima and Kongou like 6 times each and many more. By this point, I've gotten literally every single possible drop the 2-5 boss has to offer except Kawakaze. >.<
  8. That Kawakaze. D: I'm up to 65 runs for her at 2-5. Used almost 130 buckets already in the last day. >.<
  9. Oh. How will you go about obtaining Belles vestures then? Will they all be mission based? Or map drops?
  10. Hmm. So possibly on a ships launch date, it might have a higher chance of dropping if you do a random craft on that day? Assuming it does play a roll.
  11. Finally! Took me 161 runs. Then I farmed for about 22 runs at E1 C for Akitsushima Here's my final list of ships I got from the event.
  12. Just got a third unryuu. Basically lowered my morale from 0 to -1000
  13. Congrats on the clear XKrieg on the clear. Treat Warspite well. lol Nice PizzaRocket, I found her just the other day as well. Didn't take as many runs as I had planned for lol. Good luck while finding Nemo, if you do try and find her anyway. After farming Prinz, I went back to E4 I to try for Katsuragi where I ran out of resources twice. I was about to give up this morning when I ran out again. But then I thought I still have 5 days. Already done 140 runs, can't give up now. lol.
  14. I vote for A3. Curious as to who she is and why she has that big gun lol.
  15. Congrats on the Aquila drop. I'm rapidly running out of RSC. I think my luck has finally run out. No Katsuragi in sight. :/
  16. So this just happened while farming E4 I. I feel the game is trolling me because the only Unryuu I'm actually interested in is Katsuragi. >.<
  17. Yea it sucks that they're not really good ships. It was disappointing to see Aquila being a bad ship. I still use her because she's cool and cheap to run. lol. As for the Zara class cruisers, their lack of torpedoes irl is one of their largest problems. Also they probably thought that long range would be worth the loss in some other stats like Graf's night battle ability being worth her being terrible. At least they have some pretty good armor. I do feel their firepower should have been improved to compensate for their lack of torpedoes. Would have at least made them very powerful in daytime battles at least.
  18. Nice. I wish you luck farming for Aquila. I got Prinz Eugen today and thought that might be it for the event for me. So I did a celebratory LSC Taihou recipe... got a very expensive Maruyu. lol. But I think I'ma build up my rsc and try again for katsuragi.
  19. Imgur works as well. It's my preferred method. But they're practically the same. Nice. Yea some of the ships I've already started using. I threw Akizuki straight into the fight as soon as I got her. She's already 35. I think nimu is like 26 and warspite too. Aquila is in her 30's. Also i started this event with Tone at 76. She's 85 now. lol. the exp gain in events is no joke lol.
  20. This was my setup for E4. You mentioned you didn't have much ammo at the boss. have you been entering night battles before the boss? Make sure to not night battle before the boss and your ammo should be just fine. One important thing is a ship with AACI. I was really glad when Akizuku dropped on one S rank of the boss halfway through my clear. I threw her in at level 1 and basically was able to get past the airstrike nodes untouched. After the debuff and AACI, the only thing you need to worry about is surviving K. Also do you have a boss support expedition? It'll really help. Just make sure to sparkle the flagship and one other ship for an increased chance to hit.
  21. Nice. congrats! Time to work on getting that Warspite to 75... after you recover your rsc. xD I can't believe I cleared my first event in 3 days lol. I was an accidental front liner who accidentally helped figure out the E4 debuff mechanic. xD
  22. Ooh nice Amagi. I just got the best battleship.
  23. Ah cool. Hayasui nice. Yea thanks. i actually have no plans to go back to E4 boss node. lol. I barely have the resources to farm node I.
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