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  1. Ah nice. Is Umikaze at node I or only boss? I'm farming for katsuragi but also hoping to get best battleship... Kiyoshimo while I'm at it. xD
  2. WOOO I got Libeccio! I'm super excited. Best Destroyer has been rescued. Now katsuragi has been moved to top of my priotity list and the Fumo radar... I mean prinz has been moved to second. xD
  3. To be honest, I don't know what I expect my favorite to be like. i'm just more hoping she's even in the game at all. So that way I can't be disappointed if I don't really know what to expect in the first place. xD So far I like all the belles and will probably like them anyway.
  4. New Sabaton album coming in a couple days!
  5. Haha yea. I really was hoping Graf would drop this event. She is the ship i want the most. And the possibility of her appearing was the only thing that motivated me into getting as prepared for the event as I was. :/ Also yea E-3 is hell. I cleared it in only 17 battles. But I know people with better fleets than me who spent a lot longer clearing it because RNG. I don't even feel its worth it to farm Aquila there as E-4 is easier and also drops her. I'm back at around 9k fuel currently. I'm probably gonna spend the next few days stockpiling again till I hit my soft cap at 21k and then go for Libe again.
  6. Ah yea that debuff is important. I actually cleared E3 before anyone knew there was a debuff there. >.< Also I just started a couple months ago so i never had a chance to get Libeccio during Halloween. :/
  7. Was farming on E4 I a lot yesterday. like 35 runs before I ran out of fuel. I was really hoping Libeccio would arrive before running out of fuel. Guess I'll have to stockpile more fuel and then try again in a few days. >.<
  8. Also adding to that, she appears to have two quad turrets. One to each side of her hips. But yea you're right about the two catapults. I still think she could be either Richelieu or Dunkerque.
  9. So I cleared the event. on the final clear, Aquila dropped. So I got Aquila and Warspite at the same time. I have all four new ships now. And now I'm gonna go farm for Libeccio and katsuragi. I'd farm for Graf... if she were in the event. All the notable drops I got up to the clear so far.
  10. Wait, she's going to be a drop?
  11. I would have liked to get Iowa. But then I heard her speak. Iowa isn't a must get for me anymore.
  12. I'm mostly ready for my first event now. Got a decent amount of resources. Just need to K2 three more ships and I'll be good to go.
  13. So we figured the planes in the silhouette were the clue as to who it is or at least what nation they belong to. It appears to be a Kawanishi E11K which is a weird prototype Japanese plane. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawanishi_E11K So she might be japanese. Maybe Tone since the plane was said to be able to fit into cruiser hangars? Though it could probably be any japanese ship that had a hangar since this plane was never actually used. So actually upon looking at the silhouette more we dug further. And it more closely resembles a Loire 130. A french plane. It also looks like she migth have a quad gun layout on her right side. So she might be a French battleship. Anyway I'll vote for A2
  14. I'd love to see those subs in the game. though by this point I'd be happy to see any new subs in the game. there are only like what? 7 subs in the game? And only 3 of them are craftable. One of them is drop only. Two are LSC and one is event only. Plus Yuu looks so cool so I bet the italian ones would as well. So long as they don't ruin their design with generic swimsuit like they did with Ro. lol.
  15. Yea that's what I was saying too. lol. I don't entirely like them putting uncompleted ships into the game over ones with more history. But I understand that's why they do it. And Graf became my second favorite ship in the game so yea. lol
  16. Yea I agree. While Graf Zeppelin is one of my favorite ships in th game and I find her interesting as a German carrier. But she took a spot that could have been better suited for a ship that actually finished and had a service record. Though I can understand if they put them in just to finish up the line of foreign ships. Like now there's a german sub, a few DD's, a BB, a CA and now a CV. Which gives them one of almost every ship type.
  17. Yea I think more American battleships would add variety. If there were more american ships, I'd like to see Enterprise or maybe a Fletcher.
  18. When I first heard it was a foreign large ship, my first hope was Enterprise. Seeing as Iowa was a recent addition. But an Italian carrier would be cool too. I do hope it's some kind of carrier because carriers are cool. lol.
  19. I've been preparing for the event all month. I'm burned out of leveling now. But I'm still going for Graf! Also thanks. I made sure she was my first K2 ship. The large foreign ship many people are speculating to be the Italian carrier Aquila. I think that'd be cool. I have also been slowly building up my resources. Constantly doing 2/5/21. Not sure where I got all this ammo though. Lol.
  20. Sabaton is amazing. Heard one of their songs and listened to more and more. Aaaaand now they're my favorite band. Ha! Figures out how to get the video to actually show up here! xD
  21. Ah crap, I was gonna smuggle her off to japan. Where did she go?
  22. Lol. I think you mean Yamato? But yea kinda excited to see her in the game. But I think they were focusing on ships before 1939 first so it might be a while before we see Yamato. unless they make an exception.
  23. She's probably my favorite sub now. She's pretty funny and cute too.
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