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  1. Looks good! My pick is Playfulness, instead!
  2. Clearly you should just write the Formal Invitation on the greenlight page, compelling anyone who even looked at the page to vote.
  3. A lot of mobile games have huge emphasis on timed events. Do you guys plan to have the same emphasis? I am not a backer so if this is mentioned I apologize
  4. Marching on a family that married you despite having you at their mercy is a possibly very dishonorable move, isn't it? I am looking forward to the in-school angst
  5. I will stake a bottle of fish sauce on greenlight coming before November. Any challengers?
  6. A marriage could help with alliance or at least discourage the Hartly from being hostile, however?
  7. It is C:\ProgramData\Academagia for me on Window 8.1
  8. Yeah, it would be amazing. There could be a female option too, it was a nice touch in Sorcery.
  9. What is the silliest subskill in the entire game in your opinion? Satyric Revelry made me laugh for a full minute when I first discovered it
  10. Have you decided on the backgrounds? Black Sheep and Negated?
  11. I liked the Megaman Battle Network series, which is the predecessor to Megaman Star Force. It is just as ridiculous but it is a better game to play. Anyway:
  12. Get Glorious and go home to spite them, Miron
  13. https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?783665-Star-Citizen-CIG-Plagiarism-Copyright-infringement-and-unethical-behaviour If you look at her fingers there is a black spot they forgot to remove. They should hire a proper artist. But back to cool kickstarters: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/519335195/gastronaut-ice-cream-freeze-dried-for-adventure (cool food) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1275603373/columnae-a-past-under-construction (cool storygame)
  14. The current status of Desura is so abnormal. Bankrupt but still online? There is a developer complaining that while Desura is not able to pay, some bundle website put the game in a bundle and that made the developer lost money because the game get "sold" by Desura.
  15. Since it is going to be free and not too demanding with IAP I am going to give this a try when it comes out, but will there be chance of a few manly ships in an distant future?
  16. Clearly the answer is to do this repeatedly so the instructors will learn to ignore dull-minded students! Gift sounds very benign although if you don't read spell descriptions your in bigger troubles.
  17. If she is here to advertise the game, not posting referral is more effective. Just like if I sign up and talk about kimchi and a specific brand of fish sauce versus actually posting a referral code for buying fish sauce. (I am not here to sell fish sauce ) I am biased against the game, however, since my cousin had a fight with his boyfriend over the increasing amount of money spend on the game without letting my cousin knew. And I strongly disapprove of games that engage in plagiarism.
  18. Too much red pepper, too much ginger, and some accidental mystery ingredient.
  19. Another question: will classmates in year 2 skip classes occasionally?
  20. Sadly, me too. My first attempt at Korean Kimchi Cabbage ended in swollen lips for my brother in law.
  21. I have a not very in game question. For year 2 do we have free pick of portraits or if we already picked one in year 1 we will just get a grown up version?
  22. Will you consider other gamebook apps for Holdfast?
  23. I like having my characters attend classes since it is a prestige magic school. If attending classes triggers extra lesson random events perhaps there will be less incentive to skip class.
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