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  1. It could but alliances on the island don't usually require marriage and even marriage is no guarantee for hostilities to end. In fact a marriage is a great excuse for one family to bring their troops into the other's castle.


    Marching on a family that married you despite having you at their mercy is a possibly very dishonorable move, isn't it?


    I am looking forward to the in-school angst :)

  2. Well succession tends to go towards a male-preference on the island especially those families more knightly in nature. Otto would have been logical as the only son of Carl Hartly which means if Otto dies then the entire male line is wiped out ergo the Hartly's name is gone forever unless a noble is willing to marry one of Carl's daughters and take her family name as his own. However that rarely happens to traitors since nobody wants to be associated with them unless they want a target on their back. Even if Cassius didn't pick Otto, he should have picked the eldest daughter as according to custom. Nobles on the island can't marry before their older siblings according to gender. So Otto can marry once he comes of age but Eliza can't if Ashley and Taylor are chosen as hostage unless the hostage taker permits it. Is this more clear or create more confusion?


    A marriage could help with alliance or at least discourage the Hartly from being hostile, however?

  3. Satyric Revelry really makes one wonder why you should pick it up, especialy when the grumy Satyr you meet tells you humans can't dance like a Satyr due to the legs etz. Still, maybe it's not all worthless to understand other cultures in case you have to deal with them.


    Party hard, die hard?

  4. You'd think, but there was that incident that caused dating to be banned on campus and that didn't raise as many eyebrows as one would expect...


    Clearly the answer is to do this repeatedly so the instructors will learn to ignore dull-minded students!



    So long as it is clear as day that the spell in question is related to a forbidden art in some way before you cast it. Oh sure Puppet Master is an obvious Mastery spell, but if I cast some friendly sounding spell and get in trouble because I accidently used a pheme I shouldn't with no warning I'll be mad. ;)


    Gift sounds very benign although if you don't read spell descriptions your in bigger troubles.

  5. The reason why I think this is not financed by RSI is that RSI have lot of video at Youtube, current a free play for all event running and new people buying a start packet gain a extra 5k UEC if using a Referral code from a other buyer but nothing of this was mentioned in her posting.


    If she is here to advertise the game, not posting referral is more effective. Just like if I sign up and talk about kimchi and a specific brand of fish sauce versus actually posting a referral code for buying fish sauce. (I am not here to sell fish sauce :ph34r: )


    I am biased against the game, however, since my cousin had a fight with his boyfriend over the increasing amount of money spend on the game without letting my cousin knew. And I strongly disapprove of games that engage in plagiarism.

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