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  1. I disagree. I enjoyed Academagia for having a lot of good text. Having lots of text can be good or bad not due of preference but because of quality, if your text contain too many unnecessary words it is a bad thing. The interface makes adventure and lore more difficult to read.
  2. Thank you! Just discovered Victory Belles. BCS is more diverse than I thought, even if VB is not appealing to me. But it is free so a try won't hurt
  3. Metis's link is working - time for me to dig in!
  4. Hi! I was talking about gamebooks and someone mentioned Holdfast, it caught my interest since it is about dwarfs but you also wrote a very feminine visual novel. Then I picked Academagia in the end because i heard it has the most text. I like preserving food, painting, hula hoops, but not at the same time. Not a big gamer.
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