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  1. Kaed1234

    Steam Keys?

    There is already a post about this. I'm so sorry.
  2. This solved my problem thank you.
  3. I am such a loser. Is there anyway to recover the email sent to you?
  4. I bought it from the buy from us thing you guys have... what do I do
  5. So I clicked remove academagia from the install program. What do I do now?
  6. I tried to only get one of each kind. Thank you anyone who looks at it.
  7. Help it did not work. I deleted the cache and it still failed. When I undid the copy/paste/overwrite thing. It worked so the only conclusion I as a computer illiterate person can come to is that it is DLC 16 fault somehow.
  8. I am very late to the game so this is the first DLC I have done. My unpatched game works fine ;however, when I put the DLC files in my academagia file it is not fine. These are my steps to failure. 1. Open academagia file. 2. Open DLC file. 3. Copy all of the little files in DLC file to academagia file. 4. Computer asks me "overwrite or skip" and I believing that I am following the DLC topics directions overwrite the files. 5. Try to open academagia application file. 6. Get academagia has stopped working message 7. Click run as administer on it 8. Get same message as before 9. Cry in a corner. Please help me. My Net is version 4.0 or above. I am on Windows 8 is that the problem? I eagerly await a reply.
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