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  1. So basically I'll be buying the game, installing it, putting in DLC 16 pack, and then finally finishing up wih the patch? Okay, I'm pretty sure I've understood now. Thank you very much.
  2. Please understand that due to a neurological issue I am easily overwhelmed. That's why I am having trouble. It might seem like I'm stupid to some people. I'm almost too frightened to ask for help here because of that. I've tried looking at it myself but I still don't understand. I assume there are 16 free DLCs and that some were incorporated into the game during the patches. So: what's all in the latest version of the game? (it looks like maybe DLC 1 - 13 from what I see in the 'latest news' part of academagia.com) where do I find the DLC that's not included? is there anything else to add?
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