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  1. I don't think it would make any sense to attempt to push Salmon from the throne this week. Salmon it is
  2. LoM; I just wanted to announce my support for Gneisenau in the next vote (like some other people sometimes do) ^^' Sorry if you've mistaken it for a second vote!
  3. U-29 for this week's vote and then Gneisenau in the next week's one for me please
  4. She's adorable, The most innocent Walküre at the moment.
  5. I also vote for the host (because Kongou seems to be winning anyway *~*) and will also vote for her next week.
  6. I think the communists infiltrated this forum! EDIT: (Don't take this post seriously, it's a joke)
  7. I think this week I support one of the Moeganas (even if I would like to see best girl B1 in an interview), so my vote also goes to Delusion.
  8. LoM; 1st of May (Russian Belle interview?) [EDIT: Or one of the Valkyries?]
  9. Like everybody else said, take your time with the game. I'd like to play the finished version more than a version that is full of bugs etc.
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