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  1. I don't think it would make any sense to attempt to push Salmon from the throne this week. Salmon it is
  2. LoM; I just wanted to announce my support for Gneisenau in the next vote (like some other people sometimes do) ^^' Sorry if you've mistaken it for a second vote!
  3. U-29 for this week's vote and then Gneisenau in the next week's one for me please
  4. She's adorable, The most innocent Walküre at the moment.
  5. I also vote for the host (because Kongou seems to be winning anyway *~*) and will also vote for her next week.
  6. I think the communists infiltrated this forum! EDIT: (Don't take this post seriously, it's a joke)
  7. I think this week I support one of the Moeganas (even if I would like to see best girl B1 in an interview), so my vote also goes to Delusion.
  8. LoM; 1st of May (Russian Belle interview?) [EDIT: Or one of the Valkyries?]
  9. Like everybody else said, take your time with the game. I'd like to play the finished version more than a version that is full of bugs etc.
  10. A1 for next week's Belle please. (When will we see Cowboy-Hat Belle tho :'c)
  11. Scharnhorst brought me into the whole Warships thing because of the Scharnhorst myth. So I guess Scharnhorst deserves to be my favourite ship.
  12. I actually like both Belles that 'won' so I can expect a cool interview next Friday *:3*
  13. "She has entire rooms for the smoke. It will be fine. And if not, well then, she can just bring Lüdemann back to air everything out." Another hint for which ship the interviews are held on?
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