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  1. C4 please (I was actually a but sad that we didn't get her interview this week, but it looks like she got a good chance to have hers next Friday)
  2. I am really amazed by how much fanart Mahan get's
  3. Wow, the first tie. And it's with a German and a French Belle... I am very excited about how things will play out between those two. EDIT: Or am I just getting it wrong and only one is going to appear? (Insert sad face here*)
  4. Kirov best drinking buddy confirmed.
  5. I must admit, that I didn't expect much of Bulldog personality-wise when I first saw her, but now I have to say that I really like her personality. She'll definitely be a part of my fleet when the game releases.
  6. Now I really want to know with what she was christened with :/
  7. Why is Despair sending out German planes? Best Morgana at the moment IMO Edit: She also seems to be a puppet
  8. Thank You : D Those Russian fleet names would probably look awesome as well. I started to learn Russian one year ago and I must say, it's a beautiful language.
  9. Probably "die Flotte" (translated: the fleet) because it sounds powerful and dramatic
  10. Surprisingly history didn't repeat itself... interesting. EDIT: (Yay, we won)
  11. Oh, oh... I think I understand it now. 0 _ 0"
  12. Would be funny if both Belles get voted and they have a small argument about their ideologies in the next interview. ^ 3 ^
  13. It's funny because I had the same idea earlier today xD
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