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  1. So, does that mean that whatever we choose for next Friday, it doesn't really matter because of the video interview?
  2. When Hood talked to Avarice, they both had this lady-like type of talking. This was a really good interview. : D
  3. I really like the design of the Morganas thus far. They seem to be puppets that are alive or something in that direction.
  4. Now I am also slightly disappointed but I am sure todays interview will still be cool.
  5. I think everyone can create something amazing when they have enough time : ) Maybe when all my exams are over I start writing my first fanfic. I already have some ideas.
  6. Fifrein, are you secretly a poet? The last paragraph was very poetic. : D Edit: Congrats to Hood btw.
  7. Wow it's amazing how close it is this week! Makes things really more interesting. Next Friday will be really special.
  8. Doesn't she have two swords? One seems to be a Katana like PR said, but the other one looks like a normal sword to me. (We don't really see it, but judging by the hilt I would say that it's a normal sword) EDIT: Forget what I said, we were already discussing the sword on her hip. (Imo still a normal sword tho)
  9. Or Krauts. Still a little bit uncomfortable when people use that term. I know it's mostly just because they are joking, but the term was mostly used to describe the Nazis during WW2 (next to others like Jerry, Fritz etc.) And to use that term to describe normal Germans nowadays just feels wrong.
  10. Those really are true Kämpfers... *wipes away tear of proudness*
  11. I will difinitely watch a little bit of the stream, Celestine!
  12. I'll also vote for Nevada this week if it helps a fellow Captain : )
  13. The brighter cause is to not anger Leningrad, tovarisch xD (Also, it's still '39, so we still cool? :3 )
  14. Wait, does this mean that Leningrad was watching us the whole time? I am going to change my banner now because I fear for my life.
  15. Ah ok : p I was just wondering because when I checked tumblr yesterday I didn't see her.
  16. I think they forgot to upload her picture on Tumblr
  17. I want to see If Nürnberg is nicer than her sister, A4 please
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