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  1. Only a few starters have been revealed (I forget exactly which ones, hurrr). I'm p sure they're all destroyers, some of the kickstarter ones are cruisers.
  2. @Lolwut - Iirc, each country has a set of starting belles. Some kickstarter donaters are getting specific Belles at start.
  3. She's not what I expected, but her personality is still really interesting ... I'd love to read her stories.
  4. D3, I'd love to see what Leningrad's sister is like (and Mahan's reaction, hoho)
  5. She's a really cool character, and her ship has such an interesting history. I wonder how her story will play out, considering she's named after her sunken sister in 1943.
  6. I really love reading about the Belle's service history in the interviews. Will there be an in game codex/album where we can read the history and view the art of Belles we've collected?
  7. Thank you for the fast response! And I read earlier in the thread that the Mahan goodies come with beta access?
  8. How long do we have to buy the $150 Mahan's book? I was assuming (and hoping) anytime before March ...
  9. Tbh the only things tiding me over until this game is out is Starlight Stage and School Idol Festival (both idol rhythm phone games) I'm sure a lot of people will say kancolle but I was never a fan ^^
  10. Kirov is hilarious! She just shot to the top of my list. I expected her to be more childish and hyper, but this is waaaay better
  11. It's finally Kirov's turn ... a great way to start the new year
  12. Ah, there’s hope! Thank you for the response ^^
  13. I'm wondering if Victory Belles is going down a Madoka Magica path, in which Morgans are corrupt Belles of sunken ships. It'd be very interesting if certain Morganas were Belles of ships that were sunk in previous wars, and have lost their memory or identity in some way ... or now simply identify as Avarice, Corruption, etc etc. It's very fascinating to know that some Morganas have intelligence, can board other ships and can clearly speak with the Captain! (At least I'm hoping that wasnt just for the interview)
  14. A question for my friend across the border, is the team considering any Imperial Mexican ships ... very specifically, the Anahuac?
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