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  1. The punch was so unexpected I nearly spewed my milk all over my keyboard. Sorry Mahan, but that was funny
  2. I was pretty indifferent to Leningrad, but this interview was too funny. Also, so exciting to see the UI come together!! I love the gun effects and the layout of it all. It's come a long way!
  3. How interesting! :0 Thank you for answering!
  4. A few questions about the Belle's physical body, since Kommuna being tired made me think of it -- Do they require sleep? But she mentioned sleeping "at some point earlier this week", so not as much? Do they have to eat as well? And can they change their clothing by just going out and buying new ones, or do they change their "manifestation" for that? Sorry for the sudden rapid fire questions, haha. The team has put so much work into the lore and characters, I can't get enough @>@
  5. I hope we can see higher resolution art in the game; she has so many cute details on her face. Salmon's art is gorgeous.
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