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  1. So I just bought the game when it came out on Steam, and stayed up playing it throughout the night. I was just curious about who people tend to include in their cliques, because mine was rather haphazard. 1) Zoe Melis- I formed The Fonts with her in the second or third week of school, and by the second month had a relationship of 10. 2) Durand de Thiomines- I managed to finally get him to join my clique after the Dance of Fools adventure. 3) Honors Plafox 4) Vettor Conta- I honestly have no idea how he managed to get into my clique. He was more of a "bully" to me then either Joanna or Philippe, which is saying something. At least it stopped the constant pranks he pulled. 5) Casper Pfeuffer- A last minute, end-of-year decision, but he was nice and constantly gossiped and used courteous gesture on MC
  2. Thank you for the warm wishes, and I will do my utmost.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is silenceisgold, or just Silence is fine. I am a student in the US, and my interests include reading, preparing for the future, and of course, playing video games, everything from Solstice and Cinders to Crusader Kings 2 to Stellaris to the Sims and Long Live the Queen. Games with a great deal of lore and text are very appealing to me however, which is why I am so interesting in Academagia. I first learned about Academagia a few months ago, when I was looking for text-based games. It immediately piqued my interest and I tried to access the demo, but it had been removed. So I stayed and I lurked, read the forums, read a walkthrough online, and watched the introductory videos on Youtube. Then school started up and I got busy, but then I heard about the Steam Greenlight! Congratulations by the way. So I will definitely buy Academagia when it comes out on Steam, and in the meantime get more involved and entrenched in the community.
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