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  1. In addition to the already mentioned Hero-U, the Quest for Glory devs are right now having a Kickstarter for the sequel/prequel called Summer Daze at Hero-U. It's 80%, and ends in 60 hours as of writing this. This around time it's a little bit different game, you don't have 3D enviroments but only move around via map/menus, similar to Academagia (well, the latter doesn't have a map). You have two playable protagonists, a Wizard and a Rogue (guess who is which:)), each with different dialogue, and it's more of a sandbox/simulation adventure game with light RPG mechanics - you have a number of locations you can visit and it's up to you where you go and whom do you talk to, and you choose which of your skills you want to train every day, which I'm guessing will allow you to solve puzzles and issues differently, due to skill checks. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/transolargames/summer-daze-at-hero-u
  2. I understand! :) I was just curious since there aren't that many posts, especially compared to the questions and new topics here - 9 posts for the past three months for example (starting counting at June), that's basically 3 topics per month. And some Steam users do look at the Steam forum activity before buying, so having a mod pop in there from time to time does help boost the sales. Or at least I make sure the game isn't abandoned if it's going to have a direct sequel, ssince it's kind of strange if devs completely ignore one game while working on the next, or it has some standing issues (which isn't quite the case here since I know you're working/considering a last patch to fix the last few found bugs). Now I know this game isn't abandonded and the the support is here, however not everyone manages to notice the stickied thread for some reason, or perhaps wants to make an account here, as can be seen from several posts asking for help there. Or the discussions like "this game is abandonded" when the case isn't so, and they just didn't notice that you're active here or didn't care, so it might give a bad rep to some potential buyers or current owners, which isn't right, so I'd thought I'd raise some awareness. Perhaps renaming the stickied topic could help, if you're still set on not using the forums?
  3. Just curious, why are you avoiding the Steam forums? Given the small amount of posts I'm surprised you don't reply there at all.
  4. So the original selection mod doesn't work, and a new one might not work, right? Okay, I'll just do the char creation over and over once I'm ready to hit the Bat adventure. Thanks!
  5. Let me guess - because it was a known practice and people knew how to use it. Hence less randomness, since it wasn't people using something that they don't know as much about, esp. the theory behind it.
  6. The best one would be the Team admitting they forgot what they had written earlier and either outright retconning what they wrote previously or detracting their latest statement and going back to the no corporeal punishments they had before (I'd prefer the latter, but we'll see!). Since the line, "You only know her name because she's still famous for having tried to bring back corporal punishment..." is very clear and it's hard to imagine how can you both have corporeal punishments and at the same time someone who is famous for having tried - the keyword being tried, not succeded - at bringing them back, which means they are still banned/not allowed. But yeah, let's see what the Team says!
  7. Isn't it kind of strange how Legate hasn't said anything about the topic since we started debating about those two quests? Esp. as they bring evidence which does contradict what he just stated about the corporeal punishments.
  8. Thanks! That's how I meant it actually from the start, when I was mentioning having more marks on it than on the wand (since SvR refers to it as a mark).
  9. Interesting, the -Vitality is notable. Although I thought it'd give you more -Stress than Vitality since SvR did say it was meant to induce stress temporarily. Personally I thought that having had the rock for a long time would've put a stronger impression on it, and thus make it easier to track, but the Team could perhaps answer that question for you, since both quests are from the base game right?
  10. He's not punishing you at all though for that, he's simply using the method to be stressed so they can find your wand. I mean, one could say he enjoyed doing it but it wasn't the punishment for losing it, that was the Demerits and (technically) the shirt. And it doesn't involve any kind of beating, one could argue it isn't really what one'd imagine under corporeal punishment? Although it's definitively not something you'd want to do, esp. not repeatedly, that would be torture. Is the keepsake rock the pet rock familiar or a normal rock? If it's the latter, then saying it's his keepsake rock would make it obvious why they're good at it - it's got plenty of marks on it from the PC if they've had it for years, compared to the new wand.
  11. However if the quest says she's trying to bring it back, and it's worded exactly this way, then it's a contradiction. How does Von Rupprecht punish you if you choose the wrong exit at the adventure? If it's not corporal punishment, then it's possible Legate and the Team either forgot what they originally wrote or they are retconning it. Personally I much more prefer no physical punishment school, so I'm going to go with the former and pretend I never heard/saw Legate say this.
  12. What, really? How does that work? And what happens if the student fights back and esp. if is successful? (eg. talent, Gates etc.).
  13. Has anyone heard of this one? It seems like an interesting text RPG, and it looks like it might not be a roguelike at all. There's reviews of the demo on PC Gamer. https://moral-anxiety.itch.io/roadwarden
  14. I think you told me before but I'd prefer to just select one and start with it so I can do the adventures, since getting a random one later is almost the same thing, except you keep reloading a more advanced save rather than char creation. It would be probably faster though to keep reloading until you got hte one you wanted at Z11 than going through char generation though, however I think it's nicer to begin the whole game with the familiar. :)
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