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  1. That's sad. Which year did this happen? The Steam Trading Cards backgrounds have a nice resolution though, where did you manage to get those? Having images that size would be perfect!
  2. Did it look good? Do you know when the HDD failure happened? I didn't actually test it, but does the original client have bigger images because it includes the higher resolution screenshots (if it does)? I was just comparing the sizes in screenshots you can google so I wouldn't have to install the old client. Since the trading cards feature larger images, I thought they have all of them - those would be perfect.
  3. I was googling today and found this. Is the first image from some kind of a game/mini-game you can play in Academagia, or is a dev screenshot from the scrapped Rimbal minigame? If yes, I'm surprised where they got it (since either the page is old or they went looking around in dev blogs or something like that I guess) and why did they include it in the screenshots gallery. Also that map on image number four looks really nice, I feel like I've seen it somewhere before. Does anyone have a full-size version of it? https://www.enterra-inc.com/clients/case-studies/case-study/project/academagia_-_role_game
  4. Right now the image of the location you're in (if there is one) is very small and it seems like they were bigger in the original client which didn't have the mountains/Academagia background, so the whole menu and consequently the imagine within were bigger. Is it possible to make them bigger in any way? It seems like such a shame that such nice, detailed backgrounds are so small. If would be possible, it'd be great if you could implement a feature to make them bigger if/when you'll do the last patch. :)
  5. Ohh this sounds interesting, where is it mentioned ingame? Any adventures you'd suggest on embarking to find out about this? And other secret stuff?
  6. Actually, like I mentioned above, games can have Steam functions but still be DRM-free, like Monster Prom. All that changes is that if you're not logged into Steam, the game simply launches without Steam overlay. So it should be possible to remove the DRM, all it does is say "if you can't initialize Steam, the game will not launch" basically. It's an optional DRM-wrapper though, so I'm guessing it should be easy to remove it? https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/drm https://blackshellmedia.com/2017/06/28/steam-employs-drm-means-game/
  7. I like playing a character and not just going for the mechanically best options, so I picked those who sounded the most interesting. Ha, funnily enough I picked Vincent Eins after finding out those other two were taken to see if I could add them to my clique after having a clique (but alas, no).
  8. How many people would you recommend to put in a clique? I thought I'd start with two and then add some later, but given how basically half of Y1 is in a clique by the second week, should I pick more? What's the ideal number, 3-4?
  9. Well, I'd rather reset then since I'm in the start of the game - no point in getting to late game to unlock the skills to get them when I can simply replay the first two weeks in half an hour or less? But thanks! :)
  10. For any new players checking this I'd recommend befriending people whom you want immediately (using Befriend in the Great Hall or Garden Gallery), since by the end of second week many people including the ones I wanted were in cliques already.
  11. The two members I wanted for my clique are already in different ones (and I'm in the second week, so it looks like I really have to start Befriending as the very first action), and I don't want to join their clique (this happened after Befriending one of them). Is there way to make them join mine or do I have to restart or pick different people?
  12. Just to clarify, you do not need to be online, but you need to be logged into Steam, so that the game launches with the Steam overlay - so if your offline mode isn't working properly for some reason (and so games launch without Steam overlay) or you can't login, then you can't play. My offline mode didn't work properly, so I could run DRM-free games that don't need Steam (and so they ran without Steam overlay), but games that do have DRM didn't until I went online and it synced/fixed and then DRM games worked again once I went into offline mode again. If you try to run the exe directly when Steam isn't switched on, then it only shows up an error message about being unable to launch the game (or, potentially, shows you the Steam login screen, but since I was already in offline mode it just showed an error, as it was unable to launch Steam overlay and so the DRM prevented it from running). Right now there are usually no problems with switching into Steam offline mode when offline, but I thought I'd mention this in case you didn't intend for the game to have DRM and since sometimes the offline mode can stop working properly if you end Steam via the task manager during certain moments.
  13. Why does Academagia have such strict DRM? I was surprised when I was unable to play the game few weeks ago because Steam in offline mode didn't work properly, for some reason the Steam overlay didn't consider itself updated or something like that, so until I was able to go online I was unable to play the game. Given that the non-Steam version is DRM-free, why is it impossible to just select the game exe and play it without Steam/Steam overlay like with the TES games or Monster Prom? Edit: Just to clarify, you only need to be logged in, not online. This had happened to me (I assume) only because the offline mode glitched and wasn't able to switch on the Steam overlay, so games with DRM couldn't be run as they thought Steam wasn't running.
  14. That's a pity! But I don't want to begin anew, so I'll just play and then roll a new char probably. :)
  15. In my second week I had a full day off because I had a -4HP drop the day before, however it did give me +2 to Glamour skills, so it seemed like a nice tradeoff. However I did want a perfect attendance, which I assume needs 100% attendance, no sick days?
  16. That's a lot! I have the Steam version, and with Summer' Blush checked saves are around 19-20MB each, with the biggest one being 30 MB for some reason. That's really badly optimalized though if you have up to 90 MB per save!! Does that mean it'll keep getting bigger, as the 30MB save is the farthest I've gone in the game? I really don't have the space for 100MB saves.
  17. Oh, why was it changed? Also did you lose the flavour text upon finding it then? I wonder what it said.
  18. Ha, I just found my old thread from my last run where you replied to me! So the best thing is to spam Befriend at friendship level 2 or above at the Garden Gallery and the Great Hall.
  19. Just a quick question, how do you befriend people? So far I've had difficulty into getting anyone into a clique. How do you do it? Oh, you mean that before Venalicium was a background exclusive you couldn't get otherwise? And now you can still get it but you need to find it? I liked taking it as a nice flavour, also I read somewhere that's it's a really good background to start with. Thank you for the answers!
  20. Should you first only focus on Compete and doing the Mentor adventure, or should you train/study as well? How can you effectively Befriend people? Right now it doesn't ever work for me and I raised my Befriend to 1 by raising its three skills to one. Is it supposed to be higher? The relationship was 2 with the wanted friend (they actually raised it by 1 using and action). Are there any actions I can learn to raise relationships or make it easier besides Befriend? Gossip is also purple, is there any point to raising it instead of the Befriend skill? Should I focus on raising all of the School Survival skills, so I get new abilities/skills from them? The guides I read mentioned focusing on raising your stats and doing the Oan quest, but I noticed if you don't Compete a lot from the start in Godina for example, you won't get the rewards since you need to pull the weight by yourself. RIght now I'm doing my first Godina run (again, last time I played 2 months or so, now I came back to the game and decided to restart), should I use all of my actions on Compete and Oan adventures first? Or is it good to mix them up with other things as well? I'm playing as an adventurer/scholar, so I have the libarary background, so I'm using Manatele when raising my subskills. But I'm on week 2 and I just don't know if I'm missing out on something how to get people into your clique (like some skill you're supposed to get from School Survival or something else to get rel points and raise Befriend etc)., and if I should correspond more. Right now I raised to 12, but I haven't received any money although it's supposed to be biweekly when the third week hit. Unless you get the money but the game doesn't tell you in the end of the day report. How would you suggest to play the game to feel like you're not missing out on stuff (eg. adventures, I feel like on my previous run some actually disappeared! Are there any time-limited adventures?). How much should you train/study, do adventures, correspond/compete? By week 3 I already won the 2 merit awards, but if I didn't compete more, then another house would win merit 3, so it seems like I should focus on that. How many merit awards are there and when are they awarded? By the way, the offline manual doesn't show which colours are which difficulties, so I have to google them as the game doesn't tell you either - if there's another patch, would it be possible to put it inside Gerta's letters? Also how can you regain Vitality and Stress besides resting and using actions that reduce Stress? Right now it seems like I can only rest to regain HP. Thank you! Edit: Btw, I have all my attributs at 2, is that good or should've I gone with 3? I didn't find any use for my familar on my first run (2-4 months of ingame playtime) so I went with Pamela to get 1 more point.
  21. I noticed that the game is taking up about 440MB in its cache folder (2x220MB folders), can I safely delete them? Or just one of them? Are they required for anything? I'm surprised that the game needs so much cache. By the way, why does each save take up about 20-30MB? It really makes me save less since that's a very large amount.
  22. Haha, yeah, I just noticed. But security is important, so it's good if it solves the spam and logins.
  23. Well, I'm happy to report that no one tried to login into my account at all.
  24. Awesome, thank you! I'll look at the mod tools to see the adventure in that case, it'll be faster.
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