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  1. Awesome! By the way, are all adventures in the mod tools? I've noticed the wiki is missing steps or descriptions for many, is it because you can't ctrl+c/v the text out of it, or because people don't think it's necessary, or because they're not there? I'm trying to get the Bat familiar adventure, but it's boring re-rolling chars until I get the Exotic animal I want.
  2. Thanks! So despite unlocking it, I'm probably lacking the RS6 pre-requisitive, since I already have Revision 6. I guess I can increase my RS by continuing to take Revision classes and studying Revision, right? Is it easy to use the mod tools? I was thinking of using them to check when rolls and things pop up, and to see other results of my choices in adventures (like fails/successes when there are more options).
  3. According to a daily report I gained the Research Revision Spells skill, it's also in the actions tab, but when I check all of my actions in the calendar it doesn't, so I can't use it (my Revision is 6). It's not greyed out, so why do I seem to have it but can't select it? Edit: This was supposed to be in the support forum.
  4. True, that isn't high at all, I thought the percentage would be way higher, like 70% or more since I thought you add Fitness and Wrestling (and Familiar's stats, and I think mine's Fitness was 2), so that would be around 3+3+2. The game should tell you how rolls are calculated in the tutorial since it makes it easier to remeber (or colour coding, I'm pretty sure it doesn't tell you, so I thought purple was easier than red, haha!), I saw it in the guide in this subforum but forgot the exact calculation, so I'll go and check it out again.
  5. The problem is that is never says you failed, it just tells you you discovered the gym's location (even if you already have it) and that's it. So it seems bugged. Also since I have Fitness 3 and Wrestling I think was at least 3, I think the first roll should've been passed at least once after a few tries, no?
  6. For example Grapple for the Crowds says you can earn pims, but whenever I take the action it only tells me I've acquired the Calomanthia gym. But Grapple and Hit the Ring never give you any pims nor a message that you failed the roll. Are they supposed to give you pims if your wrestling skill is high enough? I also have under the abilities and actions tab the Research Revision Spells skill, but it doesn't appear in my calendar so I can't use it (my Revision is 6). It's not greyed out, so why do I seem to have it but can't use it? By the way, is the only way how to train archery to use train, library of Mantele or Cast Your Arrows, and there isn't a special firing range ability/location?
  7. Thanks! What friendship level do you normally have before it works? So if it always increases the friendship level, it's even better than socialize, no? Unless you want to increase those social skills. Edit: Ha, I've posted just as Schwarzbart replied. How can you see whom do they like or dislike? When I click on a name I only see my relationship with them, unless I'm mistaken. What number of membrs do you usually have in your clique?
  8. I don't know how but I feel like my first char had explore right from the start (probably gained via a background). Then I tried a second one and noticed it's not automatically unlocked as it used to be (or so I read) in previous versions of the game and now you need it unlocked by raising the explore skill, which seems a bit counter-intuitive. Why was it changed? It seems more logical that you can go out and start exploring everything right away, rather than levelling a skill just to be able to explore Elumia.
  9. I tried to befriend someone from the same college at friendship level 2 and failed. What is the ideal friendship level, is that too low or was it a bad roll? What do you do to get friends, do you use gossip several times? What's the normal procedure, since the game isn't that clear and I'm not sure how high are you supposed to raise it with gossip and then use befriend.
  10. I'm glad I'm using the latest version then. How was it in the previous version, has it always been this big?
  11. That's terrible, haha! Oh well, I can use just 5 slots or so.
  12. So that's responsible for those massive saves? And with only one mod you should get more normal sizes, like 1MB for each save and not 50 or so?
  13. I've selected both mods and had several crashes when loading a save, once it even said it was corrupted or maybe something about not being able to load it, but persistently trying to load the game resulted in it working. Are you supposed to select only one mod when starting a game? It doesn't say so anywhere in a guide and I wasn't sure which one was the latest one.
  14. So has this been fixed? If not, is there a version in which it works, do we know which patch broke it?
  15. Was the reason that it's possibly the last one, for a long time?
  16. Thank you! Is there anything new for Godina in the latest three?
  17. Can you change the background so that you have the blue and no the golden background, like in the old UI version?
  18. The previous DLC always said which colleges got more adventures, so I'm curious, which ones are added in DLC 16-18?
  19. Thanks! I'll wait until the patch is finished, it's still supposed to be the last one, right?
  20. There's a new update? Where? I don't see it in the updates section. I'm guessing it's DLC 17 CP, right?
  21. Where did you find this update, is it for beta testers? It's not in the update section. Actually, I can't find any DLC 17 there.
  22. Thanks! By this fall you mean anytime between Sep-Nov? I'm kind of torn waiting for the next CP and trying out this one, since all of them are inevitably bugged in some way.
  23. Was this fixed in any of the Steam patches that followed?
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