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  1. If you haven't found out yet, open Steam, click on settings and you'll find it in the In-Game menu.
  2. Oh oh, when is it coming? Should I wait a few days before creating a new game?
  3. When did Orthography get demoted? With DLC 17? I just came back after a pause.
  4. Oh alright. What kind of things does it break? I haven't played the game yet, and didn't look much into cliques. In that case I might wait a week or so and see if it gets fixed, but on the other hand if I do that I might start postponing the game because of new bugs that will pop up as usual - is there any indication if the new update will be soon? It's actually kind of funny/ironic, now that I realize that every time a new patch or DLC comes out, new bugs appear, so the game is always bugged in some way or another. Where there any important bugs in DLC 16, the one where you could skip classes freely? It would be fun to install that version (I have base game installer + that patch on my PC) and try it out too after seeing how the game is meant to be "properly" played, ie. without skipping classes and getting no detention.
  5. Oh, I thought that was fixed in the 3.0.9 version? It says fix for 1-person clique. http://steamcommunity.com/games/533480/announcements/detail/2529180031908639820 Thanks for the reply!
  6. ...I thought that was a woman. Can I play as him but as a female? That would be so cool! Can someone make a mod for that? I'd be very happy for that. Also what are current major bugs in DLC 17? Anything to look out for? I'd like to just jump in and go, without having much spoiled (and knowing which skills or whatever to avoid until it's fixed), so I haven't read this thread yet (compared to reading up about the game before and not actually playing it like before, haha!). Also hello! Nice to see you all again!
  7. Oh, he didn't say what kind of saves (except being late in the game, unless "Mature" is a trait/rank you can achieve in the game?), so I thought they are looking for any kind of late saves.
  8. Why can't you make them yourself, though? It's easy enough to just randomly click through the game. Or have you already given them yours and now you need more to test other PCs?
  9. Communism itself isn't a bad idea, so there's nothing wrong at all with someone being a communist. It's the way how some systems that called themselves communist, but were actually totalitarian and/or police states, were wrong. So by trying to denigrate or insult someone by saying they are a communist, you are just simply being discriminatory, whether you disagree with communism itself or think she's in league with the post-Iron Curtain countries and are against it (if it's the latter hatred of post-Soviet countries, don't forget that Russia's politicians cheered that Trump won). And stop trying to shame witches, as someone who attends an imaginary school for wizards and witches you should know better than that.
  10. Oh, that's very much what I'm curious about. A list, something like: People of Mineta think: College X thinks: College M thinks: College Y thinks:
  11. How is the Godina College seen by outsiders and other Colleges? And same question, but with Durand?
  12. True, but not everyone has to have DLC 17 installed, so it'll be very easy if you just keep a DLC 16 patch on hand to use with the base game. Also Schwarzbart posted his version of the patch that fixes the bug.
  13. Thanks! Yeah, I knew about the bug but I thought before it people didn't skip as much due to detentions. So the bugged version is the best version to go on adventures then!
  14. Is Orsi your in-game alter ego/personification etc. since you're called Legate on this site as well and you used to have the Orsi avatar before? (or at least I think you did before you adopted the black cat, right?)
  15. Can you get into trouble for having them in Y1?
  16. To be honest, this thread was already on the first page of this subforum, so it's not really necromancy since it was here all along, haha!
  17. Nice! What other stuff was added in that DLC from the mod? Were there any other characters added in this patch?
  18. Was this mod included in it in the end? Are the new gay students in?
  19. Some subjects are graded on a curve at Academagia? That's so stupid, why is this kind of grading present there in the first place? A place of learning should be all about learning the skills/knowledge and being able to use them, not about competing and being angry at people having good grades. Esp. at a place about learning magic, so if you pass a subject or manage to get a certain grade, people can tell what kind of skills you've got, and it's not a sliding level of quality depending on how bright (or not so) were the students that year
  20. Do people skip going to classes or what? Since if you have classes, you should attend at least 50%, right? And have some self-study to make up for what you've missed.
  21. I heard Avila will, what about the others? So that I know which college to wait for until the Steam DLC comes. )
  22. Thanks! Is it explained ingame how does Enchantment use arithmetic? Personally I thought it might've been used for the construction of items that are going to be enchanted, eg. when making various items out of metal and other stuff, like real world engineering. Oh cool, do you have an idea where it is? I can always search for it later on. Oh cool, I'll try looking for it then. Personally I thought they might use the sense of rhythm they learn while learning to sing and play music, which can help them with focus, reactions and the feeling of battle.
  23. Thanks! I'd like it to be non-spoilery, I'm just curious how many adventures does each College have so far, so I'll just skim read through it.
  24. Why does Godina have music classes as a warmage college? Why does Durand, who are about tradition and responsibility, have botany? Why does Vernin have arithmancy? I have my ideas about the last one, and a bit about Godina (however that is stretching it rather), but I'm curious to hear what are the developers reasons for putting these classes as the college's mandatory subjects.
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