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  1. You should put them up on the wiki so that you can find them again and everyone else can enjoy any new infromation you have found! As for regular notetaking, I can recommend using a notepad and syncing the txt. file on a Cloudstorage online, such as Dropbox, Gmail or Mega.
  2. Is fitness still bugged during character creation? I remembered something was bugged about it, either when adding points to it or selecting a background that raises it, but I can't find anything about it in the character creation written by Metis. Thanks!
  3. Schwarzbart: What kind of adventure do Vernin get? Metis: Ooh, a necropolis adventure sounds totally awesome!! I gotta stumble upon that one!
  4. If I want to go exploring tombs, forests and the like, and get up to all sorts of shenanigans, is there a preferred College or skills that are required? I remember reading few years back that Morvidus and Durand are great for exploration or at least oudoors, what about Godina, since it's got a focus on combat? And I think people usually say Aranaz is great for combos and having a strong varied skillset, right?
  5. Brilliant, thank you! I'd need two characters anyway to do it either way. EDIT: To both Legate and Metis - I'm actually curious in seeing the changes, and since it'll be minimally a month till the new DLC (I remember waiting for DLC 15 to start a new game which came half or a year later, and by that time I was busy with other things, haha!), I'll just go for 16.
  6. Thank you! In that case I'd probably try installing two versions, one to see how the vanilla game looked like and one with DLC 16 to compare. DLC 17 supposedly will have some UI changes too, right? Or something like that.
  7. Hi! I actually got this game back in 2011/12, so I still have patch 112911 (DLC 14+Patch 68) and I was wondering with which DLC did user made adventures start being included with? I'd like to try an "authentic" version of the game without any user made DLCs and later on try on with the latest one - should I wait for DLC 17 or go with DLC 16 when I've finished the former run? By the way, how much stuff would you say the later DLCs and patches added? Is the game twice as big as it was before or maybe 1.5x? I know people are keeping track of quests and such, so someone might have the answer. Also did the new content make the game easier or harder in the sense of mechanics (ie. failing/succeeding at a task)? More skills can make it harder if you go too much jack-of-all-skills route or you focus on the wrong skills, but at the same time new skills can make some quests that were hard before easier, right? I remember reading one of the early reviews that said sometimes it was hard to succeed at tasks due to micromanaging, if I hate micromanaging (or at least the one in Japanese micromanagements sim), is it better to go with less or more DLCs? Personally I love lots of quests and content though, so I'd like to finish as many quests as I can, so the one (ie. a vanilla or game with less DLCs or a game with all DLCs) where you can do that more easily is probably more up to my liking. Thank you!
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