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  1. I've always wondered about this, because it seems like I SHOULD befriend someone, but RNG says otherwise. So if I'm friendly with person A and try to befriend person B, but person B can't stand person A, the befriend roll with fail? Also, is it easier to befriend those in your college (in my case, Hedi) than those in another college? There are those in other colleges I would like to be friends with that are better than some of those in my own college...
  2. Wha...? I return from an adventure and everything's...boring! No fancy design, no neat backgrounds... did Joana do this?? Joking aside, I KNOW it's a good idea to update if it cuts down on vulnerabilities and means less spam get through the filters. Just surprised at the suddenness of it.
  3. I apparently ticked Joana off and she's sending spammers after me! Got two messages that were essentially the same thing, just deleted them. If I run across this again, should I let a mod know, is there anything they can do? Getting these out-of-the-blue spam messages...annoying! I imagine this has been address before, but I would like to know what I need to do if I get these spam PMs.
  4. Also end changes if you say History or Acting early on, like history has one definite end (which I like a little more) and acting has a different one Still, that sugar rush...
  5. *my cat familiar brings a very ornate teacup, insisting that it's another student* Great...going to have to talk to one of the professors, I don't know how to fix this! I seem to be more interested in Explore than Adventures, maybe I should mix it up a bit. I do like that so many REs give you ways to amaze and delight your friends (or get them mad at you should you botch it!) Oh, before I forget... are Adventures the best way to increase attributes? I know Fitness is tied to athletics, but not sure about the others.
  6. Hmmm.... it makes it sound like I would have to reinstall the game if I got DLC 17, and since I enjoy being Hedi not sure how the Avila piece would work.. There's also the fact that I think I ordered it directly as opposed to Steam, it was a BMT transaction. I don't have the receipt anymore either (just the date that I installed the game)... I don't really have problems with the UI so I MIGHT just say *eh, heck with it*.
  7. musical74

    DLC 17 now?

    When I purchased Academagia and I found out about DLC 16, I downloaded that. Now, I see that there is DLC 17, what does this one include? I didn't purchase it through Steam, THINK I purchased it directly from the company. (checks, 10/182016) I had to fiddle a little bit to get the game to work - Win7 X64, had to change a setting I think. Where would I go to get the latest stuff - or is it worth it? If it's mostly behind the scenes stuff I probably won't bother. If it makes the game run smoother or adds a fair amount of new content, just need to know where to DL this and what to expect! *if this is wrong area please move to right area*
  8. So whatever it was intended to be got cut out? Dang...was wondering if Clique A and Clique B could hang out together! One other question, I've noticed that when you are on adventures (maybe RE too) there will be the option to sacrifice a member. I've never actually sacrificed a member, so... Does that mean the other person in the clique takes over for the remainder of the adventure, is it a *hey, help me at this spot!* only, or what?
  9. In a clique (someone befriended me) and I'm used to seeing all of the other cliques have a 0 next to them, (it's what happens when your start date is the second day!) I noticed one of the cliques had a one next to them, but both members of the clique I still have no relationship with...what causes one clique to increase friendship with another clique?
  10. Rixenda la Serena, mostly because wanting the used napkins was extremely weird. MOST of the others I can say they just have odd quirks, but...
  11. The actual phrase is *Hang out inside the college* - is that a skill that only the NPCs have, do I need to have (I assume) Social skills sufficiently high, or is this *get your overall charm up first*?
  12. I suspect this is dependent a little on school you attend, but I admit to being curious... What causes the npcs to try and befriend/hang out/encourage you? There are times I'll see X succeeded in *hanging out with you* or *X tried to befriend you* and I'm going *that's odd, I don't have much contact with that person* (or none at all). Is this just a case of random rolls? Some seem more interested in being friendly than others (Sheary comes to mind) but others are *that came out of left field* and I'm wondering what the criteria is. One other thing, the *hanging out with a student* skill, can I get that or is it only for the npcs? I don't have it at the outset...
  13. Usually what happens is someone befriends me and as a result I get into their clique. As far as who it was? The very first time was Isabeau Glorieux (didn't mind that one) and the second one was Sigalis du Sonmeil (which completely caught me off guard, yeah we're both Hedi but her personality doesn't scream *I want to befriend someone!*...but having her in the clique meant Philip and Joana were less likely to bother me!)
  14. *slaps himself, should have done this earlier* I discovered Academagia from Hanako games. I'm somewhat friendly with one of the owners of Hanako games and she said that if I like her adventure games (which I do) I would probably love Academagia because the random encounters make it a new experience every time I play it - she was right!!
  15. This has probably been discussed before but I know it goes Green (guaranteed success) > blue > black > red > purple (highly unlikely you will succeed) for a given chance of success. However, I seem to screw up just as much on the *blue* choices as I do on the red - actually, I seem to be MORE successful on the red choices then the blue ones! Is this just a case of I'm not expecting red to succeed so I'm more aware when it succeeds, is the blue less likely than I think, or what? My assumption is that blue has a 75% chance of success, black is around 50%, red 25% and purple about 1% - is this accurate? Given my luck, I'd say red is around 40-50%, blue seems to be more like 30%...do the Academagia gods/goddesses enjoy playing havoc with chance?
  16. Got reprimanded because I had too many plants, are they worried I'm going to turn into another flower child? If the chance of discovery is 16 that means that there's a 16% chance that I'll be caught, right? Also curious, why is it sometimes I'll discover some place but won't be able to get to it afterwards? Do I need some other event to happen first?
  17. There have been times I've been reprimanded for trespassing, and thought *I wasn't aware that was off limits to students*. I know some places are off limits to students, but there have been times I'm been punished while exploring the grounds or other areas that I assume are safe, but get punished anyway. Is it *any place that isn't Academagia proper might get you in trouble for trespassing*, are there certain areas that only certain schools can go to but others are forbidden (you're from Hedi? TRESPASSING!! Only Durand students can go here!)? I'm aware that there's a student that can snitch on you and SAY you are trespassing if you and she aren't getting along, but I've only seen her snitch on me once... I'm aware you won't be able to avoid trespassing completely, but there are times I swear I'm just getting REALLY unlucky at getting caught...did I tick off a member of the Thief's Guild?
  18. GASP! Shameless plug, how dare you?! *goes to check it out* (I've played games that would occasionally have QUITE shameless plugs for other games...ever played the free VGA version of King's Quest 2?) The other thing I noticed related to test-taking is this little thing called *outright cheating*...would that help if I do it right before the exams? I'd rather not cheat at all, but it's discouraging to see that I'm barely beating the bullies in classes... I would think that Philip and Joana were skipping classes to do bully-type things (Joana failed to cast Nervi on you) The other issue I have run into is getting punished for trespassing, but I wasn't going somewhere that I shouldn't have been...since my character is a Hedi gal, does that mean if I'm snooping around some area in the grounds that is in Vermin area will I get punished? I guess I'm not sure what classifies as *trespassing*.
  19. Hello again! Remember me? *crickets* Um, anyway, when I went to take the exams in the game, I got mid 20s, thinking *GEEZ it should be a lot higher than that! I'm not missing classes, I'm making sure to hit the library, they are all 3 or 4 by the time the first exams are rolling around, so...why the lousy scores? I want to at LEAST be better than the bullies! * Do I need to study in addition to hitting the library? (Given that the library gives me a free research upgrade going there, I do that instead of just *study*). Do I need to train too? Do I need to bribe the professors? Why the lousy score? One other thing, I am flat out amazed at how many different random events there are! There seems to be a few *you are going to see this* (the wizards VS magicians one comes to mind) but so many different things, it's fun starting from (almost) the beginning - I have a save that starts on day two - that there are some that are *never seen that one before!* Phillipe apparently hypnotized and I played along with it...never mind Joana disliked me for flirting with her man (b****), Louise beating up the bullies? (I've seen both of those...once) The crash-bangs of a professor VS plant battle? (I see that off and on, think it's because botany is one of my classes) I just love playing this game because every time it's played there are so many random events each time is very unique!
  20. Are there advantages to having certain classes over others? Since I like Hedi I get the Glamour, rhetoric and grammar classes automatically and in current game I have enchantment, astrology, and botany for the others. Beginning to wonder if maybe I should switch out astrology/botany for something else, but I'm not sure WHAT. Would incantation be more useful than astrology, or do both have their uses? Just thinking *not sure what good astrology does*...
  21. Few more questions, then I THINK I'll be OK for *newbie questions* and morph into *really should know better but don't* questions! There's been a few times for random encounters where ALL the choices are purple - meaning no matter what I do, it's going to end badly. Generally these are early in the game, before I have a chance to increase skills, but YEESH! What skills are good all-around skills to have, anyway? I've also noticed that some skills are *you don't have this skill yet* but I want it, do I need to wait for a RE to learn about creativity or studying about birds if those aren't among the classes I'm studying? Some of the skills I can get through actions (the athletic fields, for example) but others seem to be *you can't learn this until you do a RE* Noticed that one of the girls has a *Defame* skill, is that just for her? Be nice to slam some of the other colleges occasionally, especially when thanks to messing up, I've lost 2 merit...followed by 2 more merit...and 2 more merit lost... Also noticed that the other colleges lose merit too though - I was a bit shocked to see that Godiva had a -3 merit early on! Last question is whether some of the students are worth trying to befriend (Joana I am thinking NO WAY) and if they are in a clique already, can you still befriend them and have them in your clique as well?
  22. Downloaded it, need to restart all over now...oh well, fun so I don't mind! EDIT: Can you only sell certain things? I had a cloak that I got from tackling a thief and the merchant said *here you go* and some of the shops were *nope, not buying this*
  23. Thank you! Yeah, I've been playing it for a few weeks (never mind I have college stuff to deal with, this kind of college is more fun!) and still learning the ins and outs of it. Already decided that Phillip and Joana are complete jerks... When I do explore or adventure it has the option of where to go (say, Dining hall) or *character's room* in addition to another spot. Is there any reason to suggest I should check out groundskeeper's area VS just stay in the room, and then check out Academagia? Also, are there certain adventures that increase attributes? I've noticed most of the early ones (Finicky plant, for example) don't increase attributes any. You mentioned Study at the Venalicium, how do I go about getting that one?
  24. Sorry if these questions have been asked 7 zillion times! I found out about this wonderful game through Hanako games. I love a good deal of their games and the dev said *If you like the Cute Knight series you'll love this!!* (She was right!) Anyway, is there any way at all to increase attributes like finesse and fitness, or it is *your fitness is 2, and it will never increase*? (actually, that's why I restarted one game, got tired of continually being in the infirmary!) Also, in looking at the choices for random events, the early green options seem to be *yeah, you'll be successfully, but you'll most likely lose points with someone*. Purple is *practically no chance of it working* and red is *highly unlikely it working* so more often than not, I wind up ticking people off without intending to and everyone dislikes me because I'm not skilled enough! Is there a certain set I should have to start with so I actually start off occasionally being successful in the early random encounters? My character is a Hedi gal, mostly because I thought that one looked interesting. Besides competing, is there any real difference between any of the 6 houses? (I'm aware some events are house-specific) I've noticed some try *hang out with a student* on my character, some try *encourage my character* and a few try to bully me, USUALLY they are the ones that initiate it. What prompts that? Also I have seen *rumors from Academagia* all about some student, what does that mean? Is it really worth it to have a clique? And lastly, how do I INCREASE relationships with the professors? Seem to have no problem ticking them off and losing relationships but they all stay at 0 otherwise.
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