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  1. Thank you Ninja. I have another question. In the game of the movie, contains the engine to the equipment, How does the performance of the engine affect the game?
  2. Question. in battle,Flag command, Belles choice maintains the distance, Morgana choice approaches the distance,Morgana, Morgana thinks that the speed of the fleet is fast,if Belles is slower, is the distance maintained? (example:Battleship vs destoroyer) Which one with higher speed has higher priority?
  3. Thank you. Unfortunately, I hope it will be implemented someday.
  4. Happy New Year , All. Question: example, In the graphics of Kumano ,Basic graphics not wearing glasses , and wearing glasses graphics. Does this mean , have the option to wear glasses?
  5. Please note that this page states that VIctoryBelles is currently under development.
  6. To be sure, the top of the table becomes dirty with those you blew.
  7. NDJAMENA HONPO's comic is a very well studied historical material and a very outstanding parodity sense , If you are eating or drinking, I can not recommend it. If you are eating or drinking, I can not recommend it.
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