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  1. Since we have waited for so lang time,we should know at least what is done and what is still under work. So i agree with Arm.
  2. Anyway ,we can know what happened during the development and let us wait for the new year
  3. So interesting,a meeting of an old Lady and an older Lady. And I think Hood's great and great Aunt will win.
  4. Before I wrote the list, I read all the interviews completely,then: 1. Nürnberg 2. Киров 3.Kumano 4.Orion 5.Nenohi 6.Hans Ludemann 7.De Ruyter 8.U-29 9.D'Aosta 10.Kougou
  5. So the back-end program crashes? It always bothers the front-end engineers like me. Good Luck I wish
  6. After a long thought ,I want to see Nuernburg and Kinov . Their personalities are almost the opposite ,and that would become surprising.
  7. I'm a front-end development engineer, and I thought that if your back-end development is done, then the whole project would accelerate .
  8. Seems no doubt this week , Lets see how HMS submarine appears in the Interview.
  9. It's Tak-Ao-yama, and Takao is named from Ta-kao-san. So Ninja is right. Anyway, Takao is quite a classic samurai as I thought.
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