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  1. As my promise,I vote for Our lovely host.( )/ Maybe I misunderstood something,so change it to Takao.
  2. Wait!You say the game is going to launch! OMG!Kougou this week and Our lovely host at next!
  3. I'm impressed with the complex relationship between the two sisters。
  4. So we have only four choice on board.Anyone have some ideas? Yeah,so I vote for Takao!
  5. ;)Since they delay the test,we should vote for a speical belle. Anyone have some good ideas?
  6. I suggest you should not delay the test the next time.Test is just test,even It has many problems.
  7. I am sad to hear that and I really want to enjoy the game. Hopefully we can have some good news at the next time.
  8. I am so sad that my country had lost nearly all ships by 1939,it is not a glorious history.
  9. This song is for my lover Nürnberg,Although we are in the enemy camp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs474lPgO54
  10. So sad to hear that,But it's not bad to know what you focus on._(:з」∠)_
  11. I just watch Bulldog's interview again and it makes me have a question. How much would it cost for each Belles to have her own voice ? Would different languges have different prices?
  12. Yeah,we know how hard work It will become and we just do Our best.(´゚ω゚`)
  13. I and my friends have built a fan group,and we plan to make a mod to translate all texts into Chinese.But I don't know if the game allow to change it? By the way,we all look forward to the game and is there any news about the Beta test?
  14. I like this Interview as I like Mapo Tofu so much
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