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  1. ijn Yukikaze,due to its perfect battle appearance.
  2. I think all of us are patient enough since we have waited for nearly one year. But would the game launch on time ? I used to be a Blizzard fan before it delay again and again
  3. This is a ship of His Majesty's Navy,not a floating bordello" XD
  4. I want to know what other names you have too.
  5. Would John Thach and his F2A appear in game?
  6. Can we make a fleet of the belles who use the same name,like CV-2 Lex and CV-16 Lex,DD-459 Laffey and DD-724 Laffey?
  7. Our belles have their own ships,seven Mahan means seven Destoryers with the name Mahan,hummm.
  8. I know we can train crews ,but I still know nothing how it works.Maybe we need some introduce in next Interview.
  9. Could Béarn uses her guns and torperdos in combat? I think she is too weak than Lady Lex....
  10. VB is a totally different game from Kancoll, they just use one idea"ship-girl" and this is all.I am so confident in the game, even Kancoll have an english version.
  11. Would BIG SEVEN become the top power in the game if they appear in 39'? I wonder would Nelson(if she appear in the game) be the most powerful Belle of BBs ,then Nagato and Colorado also have great performance.
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