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  1. Which is the most effective way to complete Anti-Submarine Warfare in 39'? Our sonar equipment performance are not good enough to find submarine,and enemy's firepower would prevent our DDs and CLs from hunting. So how about the aircraft whether on carries or land-based?
  2. Although I can't speak Japanese, but due to it use some Chinese words.so I think , it is just making the introduce of the game.
  3. Could destroyers reload their torpedoes in 39‘? I don’t think they can launch torpedoes again and again like in World of Warships, and how it would work in game?
  4. Thank you Legate,it's so kind of you. An additional question: Will mogana change their position after we fight with them? I don't want to spend the whole day fighting at the same place in Gulf of Mexico.
  5. My friends are not good at english, so they ask me to give the questions. As we know,all the belles are drawn by salmon88. So when we introduce this game to others ,the most questions they have is "Why all belles look like drawn by one artist?". To my self, I have no opinion on salmon88's style of printing .But other players who have played same game like Kancoll ,seems to be more used to different belles from different artists. So is there any possibility to have other styles of printing from other artists? Personally, I wonder if it's too heavy for poor salmon88 to complete all the printing work ?
  6. Since it's the last interview in this year,How about giving additional information of game test ?
  7. She is a wild hunter and a real badess, I have to admit that I am a little afriad of she.
  8. I wonder if there is any way to make Belles move futher from the ship .How can i wander with my favorite belles in the naval base if they cant leave the ship ?
  9. Humm,I have no idea ,so maybe 南海舰队,东海舰队,北海舰队,内河警卫队。
  10. chibi mahan is very cute,and it's better to see more in the game.
  11. So Frozen's question is ,could we use chibi belles to replace belles' portraits in the fight?
  12. oh,it's thanksgiving day,and other countries don't have this holiday.
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