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  1. Sup! Could I get an invite? Thanks!
  2. Thanks a ton! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I checked out your one-shot, it's super good (and I've got a lot of terms to look up, it seems!). Can I PM you? Or do you guys have a Discord (from what I've seen, there seems to be, but I haven't found an invite code yet)? I would love to chat about almost every ship already announced so I'll definitely hit you up in the future. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you very much! (I'm gonna assume you meant a good read, for my own sake, haha). I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  4. (Note: This is not a happy story.) Chapter 1: The Beauty of Impermanence Hello! My first post on the forum and it's of me writing this. What a way to go. Anyway, I'm a big fan of Kancolle and a gigantic reki-jo (Japanese history otaku), so I absolutely had to write something when I saw Sen no Rikyū being mentioned in Nenohi's interview! I always liked to write fic, but Kancolle's general happy-go-lucky atmosphere didn't really fit me, so I am here to unleash my devastation onto these poor Belles instead. RIP. (Also, a note: I didn't bother with suffixes when the Japanese Belles are the only Belles in the scene, since I'm assuming they're speaking Japanese anyway. It's italicized in the scene with Mahan since Fubuki's primarily speaking English.) Thank you to everyone who took their time to read through Chapter 1! My writing style tends to go on and on and on, so I'm in awe of anyone who can sit through a single paragraph. This is projected to be around 15k words long in total when I finish it (hopefully, I must do Fubuki justice). The next chapters after 2 may take a while, though (if anyone is actually interested in seeing the rest), because I'm still not confident in my characterization of Western Belles (I don't know much history on them, as compared to the Japanese Belles, and even then I don't really focus much on WW2 and more on pre-Meiji era stuff). Also I have no idea how the science of naval battles work, so I'll need to research that too because I can write epic battle scenes or whatever. I welcome all critiques and criticism! Being a native Chinese speaker (even though my English has somehow become the better language) means there can be some parts where my English is hilariously off, or just goes on for way too long. Thanks again for reading!
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