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  1. Further Romanian naval actions: Four Soviet submarines were depth-charged and sunk by Romanian warships: M-58 by destroyer Regina Maria on 4 November 1941, M-59 by destroyer Regele Ferdinand on 17 December 1941, M-118 by gunboats Ghiculescu and Stihi on 1 October 1942 and M-31 by destroyer Mărășești. On 8 July 1941, Romanian torpedo boat Năluca aided by motor torpedo boats Viscolul and Vijelia attacked and sunk the Soviet Shchuka-class submarine Shch-206. Misc: On 11 July, Soviet armored gunboats BKA-111 and BKA-134 were sunk by Romanian gunfire during a Soviet landing operation. The Soviets lost 5 more such boats during Operation Munchen, either sunk as well or scuttled, though these two are the only ones specifically stated to be sunk by Romanian gunfire. One of the 7 was salvaged, reparied, and commissioned in the Romanian Navy as V12 in 1943. In September 1943, after Italy surrendered, Romanian forces seized the small Italian flotilla of 5 CB-class midget submarines operating in the Black Sea. Cute boats really, check them out. On 26 June 1942, as German and Romanian troops moved into Sevastopol, the Soviets scuttled the submarines A-1 (American-Holland class) and D-6 (Dekabrist class). And yes, this should be counted as a Romanian naval killing, albeit a shared one, because it was Romanian troops who advanced up the Chernaya River towards the mouth of the river and Severnaya Bay, thus taking vital overlooking heights and considerably speeding the fall of the city. The Wikipedia makes the importance of our contribution even more clear: "In the centre, the Romanians took up the slack." On 23 August 1942, as Romanian troops moved into the small Azov port of Temryuk, the Soviets scuttled 3 large gunboats (named Don. Bug and Dniester), each of 840 tons and armed with 2 x 130 mm. Finally, ~10 Soviet submarines found their way in Romanian mines and sank, but these were not related to any kind of battle, they were simply doing their patrols and sank, no other warship around.
  2. Between 16 and 19 June, Romanian minelayers Amiral Murgescu, Dacia and Aurora laid 1000 mines around Constanța to protect the port. I think its pretty clear who laid the mines.
  3. Romanian naval engagements (as in ship-vs-ship combat) was very sparse, due to the Luftwaffe bombing the surface ships, Soviets losing coastline as the Germans and Romanians advanced and Romanian mines keeping surface ships away while sinking around 10 subs. However, there are two battles that really note mentioning. On 22-23 June 1941, the Romanian Tulcea Tactical Group (river monitors Mihail Kogălniceanu and Basarabia plus 4 patrol boats) repelled two attacks of the Soviet Danube Flotilla, sinking 1 patrol boat and damaging 2 more, as well as 2 monitors. This was the only thing needed in order to make the Soviets loose initiative: they blocked our ships with mine barrages starting 24 June until 18 July, when they left the Danube due to our troops' land offensive. You see, the Ruskies had an impressive brute force of attack: 6 monitors, 22 gunboats, 7 trawlers, and even 1 minelayer, but only 6 patrol boats (really small, crew of two) and as we put out of action half of their observation force, they simply backed down. On 26 June 1941, they attacked our main Black Sea port at Constanța. Defending the port were our destroyers Mărăști and Mărășești, our dear Amiral Murgescu, and German coastal artillery. Our 2 destroyers attacked the Soviet ones as they were shelling our harbor, resulting in the only action between opposing major warships of all the war in the Black Sea. Under pressure from the two Romanian destroyers, the lotilla leader Moskva retreated, only to be sunk by a Romanian minefield, got split in half sank within minutes. The Soviet cruiser Voroshilov was also damaged by one of our mines while Moskva's sister, Kharkov, was damaged by the German artillery. Another moral-crushing defeat for the Ruskies, Amiral Murgescu did not waste time, she shot down her first 2 aircraft during this engagement. One crippling defeat in the Danube, one morally-crushing in the Black Sea. Both enough to deterr them. We did not fight much not because we did not want or could not to, our opponents simply got the message.
  4. My most sincere desire is that Amiral Murgescu be added when the game reaches 1941.
  5. It's a request actually. When I told him her story, such great ship so unjustly left to oblivion, he agreed to make it for free.
  6. Romania's Amiral Murgescu, Queen of the Black Sea This beast was the largest and most active Romanian-built warship of WW2, launched on 14 June 1939. She was the first sea-going warship of Romanian construction, displacement was from 812 tons standard to 1068 tons full, carried 2 x 102 mm Bofors, 2 x 37 mm Rheinmetall, 2-4 x 20 mm Oerlikon and 2 x 13 mm hotchkiss, plus 120-135 mines. Top speed was of 16-18 knots, wartime crew of 135. She was employed as both minelayer and escort ship. As a minelayer, she laid mines that destroyed around 10 Soviet submarines and 1 Soviet flotilla leader, in total cladding the whole Romanian and Bulgarian coast in a thick shield of mines. As an escort ship, she shot down 12 enemy aircraft and during the evacuation of Crimea in May 1944, she proved her courage by being the last Romanian warship to leave the peninsula, carrying on board 1000 troops together with German General Walter Hartmann, recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. After this achievement, she herself was decorated with the Order of the Star of Romania. She was captured by the Soviets in late 1944 and was sold for scrap only in July 1989, thus proving the superiority of Romanian shipbuilding. This is a true hero of her country Romania, of Germany, of Bulgaria and later even of the Soviet Union pretty, sinking more warships during the War than entire navies, proving her worth over and over again, leading a long life of tireless service of over 50 years. I called her a beast not due to her size, but due to what she achieved, and what she represents. And I dare say that this is the most underrated warship ever. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NMS_Amiral_Murgescu
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