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  1. I must temporarily divert from my main choice thanks to statistics. C?4?
  2. Heh, I told myself I wouldn't like her, but dammit if her hilarity and devil-may-care attitude (and appreciation of fine liquids) didn't win me over from almost the first line. You win this round, Soviets.
  3. B2! Dunno, her simple but cheerful look is really charming. After all the huge celebrities and big personalities, she looks like a nice change.
  4. XD Heh. I'm really glad we made the goals for construction girls and mascots. I feel like they'll make the fleet even more lively. ^.^
  5. ...*donk!* Good point. ;^.^ I had forgotten that it's /specificaly/ set at the beginning of the war, so I guess it makes sense we wouldn't have ships from later on. Well, I suppose there's always hope for the future. Thanks for your patience.
  6. @von: An FAQ certainly would help those of us late to the proverbial party.
  7. @Fif: I...actually don't know most of the gals in the bingo spread by name. I've always been bad with names... ;^o^ But I may go through and make a list of all the interviewed Belles for convenience's sake. Well...it's USS Intrepid, The Fighting I! (Or The Dry I to some. Poor gal.) She's younger than a lot of other ships, commissioned in '43, but she's got such great spunk and plenty of history and material for a fun personality. She's kinda special to my family, so...I've just held a small hope in the back of my mind. As for Bismark, yeah, I read through it all, but just loved the idea so much I wanted to throw my two cents in. Totally understandable if they want to stay consistent, I just think it would be fun.
  8. I think Bismark being the one guy would be great. It could be really funny, like if he's an older gentleman, and seems like a real hardliner, but is a total softie for all his grandaughters (the rest of the Belles, even if they aren't related). I think it would be sweet. XD As for questions, sorry if this is obvious/already answered, but is there a full list of currently confirmed Belles? I-It's not like I've been holding my breath for a certain someone and want to know if she'll be there! (; >\\\<)
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