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  1. I'm not good at guessing game who's that bell?
  2. So let's try to make them wear it hahaha give me the name I will try my best
  3. As long as I can draw I will draw
  4. So we really need maid costume in the game ha
  5. Thanks this is the second time I draw I think I got a art block for 3months
  6. Pardon me the katana is not straight hahahahahaha
  7. I don't remember seeing fan page in FB
  8. I know it's November but here in my country they decorate early for Christmas hahahaha Santa Mahan needs a help I think
  9. I want a maid belle to take care of me
  10. Hello there guy's Waiting game is real here
  11. Sometimes all you need is a HUG from the right person! . . . Then I realized I don't have one
  12. and this thing took me 4Hrs hahahahahaha hello guys got a new wacom
  13. It's just a simple greeting gif
  14. Hello guy's it's been awhile
  15. I'm still noob but I want to be a good someday
  16. When we will have another video interview? I know it's not simple to make that type of interview but I wish too see more
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