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  1. If i'm designing something and then you came out and want to change something without my permission u don't do that to me... That's what Kongo doing
  2. But dang!!!! Nagato character art is good i i like it more than the KC version
  3. is it just me or Kongo is Little bitchy?
  4. As long as i can play the game I'm ok with this april is almost here
  5. Mahan: I do have to ask, Captain what did you think of my routine? I know it was nowhere as polished as Stewarts, but Me: daydreaming.... Imagining mahan in a cheerleader uniform inside my head... ahhhhhh.. Mahan: Captain! Me: (shock)ahhh yes yes it's ok i think
  6. Indeed hands are something that i hate
  7. Watermelon are green Hehehehe practice practice practice!
  8. I'm no good either hahahaha
  9. dunno about that but i all ways love mahan https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154434351923226&id=112570483225&notif_t=notify_me_page&notif_id=1488512116390474&ref=m_notif check this guys
  10. Here's the finish product And i need more practice
  11. nice art dudeI wish I have wacom
  12. So bulldog have a flat chest
  13. Ahhh ok but i need to draw uss nautilus first I need to find some reference so it will take some time dude
  14. what do you want me to draw?
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