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  1. I try full color what do you think guys? Still not finish need some highlight
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH shit i almost want to throw it in the trashcan but I gonna use it as a guide line.. when i finish this i will draw your request Mr. David
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha About the pose? Give some advice
  4. Gonna redraw it tomorrow what do you think guys?
  5. there talking about beard so i thought they old hahahahaha by the way i'm asking you guys in here not the team of BCS Hahahaha
  6. why not but it will take some time i think
  7. I'm gonna try it to scharnhorst
  8. Hey remember the virgin killer sweater and keyhole turtleneck thing Hahahahaha i gonna search some reference
  9. When upgrading weapon do we need blueprint or just resources? There's a weather system in the game right? Ahhhhyeeeeeeee i smell March
  10. I will try to redraw that
  11. Are you gonna make one more video interview?
  12. When my friends are excited for TripleA games And here i am waiting for this game well it's not about the graphics Just gonna wait for the Android version
  13. for me they look like Archer's gloves hahaha and her weapon look like a crossbow
  14. are you talking about potato face dude hahahahaaha
  15. Old style.... Do you want me to try Admiral Graf Spee in a maid outfit?
  16. So i really want a belle in a maid outfit so i draw one hope u will like it
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